The idea of ​​an American startup to prevent trucks from overturning

The idea of ​​an American startup to prevent trucks from overturning

Axicle has developed a device that uncouples the trailer from the tractor before it overturns and causes an accident

The anti-tip device is useful for trucks with trailers | Credit: Axicle Large trailers are essential for road freight transport and are used all over the world. However, this type of vehicle can represent a real danger for both drivers and other road users. Large and heavy trailers, in case of strong gusts of wind, can overturn involving the same truck. But in addition to natural causes, rollover can also be caused by incorrect and imprudent driving behavior, as well as by other motorists. All this translates into a rather important budget, in terms of deaths. In the United States, according to some estimates, accidents caused by the overturning of heavy vehicles have caused 9,000 injuries and 400 deaths in one year.

So how can these accidents be limited? The solution comes from a Californian company, Axicle. The company has devised an innovative coupling plate (connects the truck to the trailer) capable of uncoupling the trailer before it also involves the truck in overturning. When the trailer starts to oscillate, the driver can do absolutely nothing to avoid possible overturning.

The hooking plate of the Axicle The Tars (Tractor Anti-Roll System), this is the name of the system, looks like a cast steel plate with a trailer locking mechanism. The company ensures that it can handle loads of up to 25 tons and is easy to install. How does it work in practice? The plate is equipped with a number of sensors that collect all kinds of operating parameters including load, vibration, wind and trailer coupling information. If the Tars system detects a probable rollover accident, it would activate the pneumatic trailer release mechanism and, in a split second, separate it from the truck.

Axicle founder and engineer Steve Krug claims that the Tars system has enormous potential not only for truckers, but also for transport companies and insurance companies, which are forced to pay for the damage and trauma caused by these accidents. According to projections made by the company, this system is able to save up to 2-3 thousand dollars per year in insurance.

Currently a full-scale prototype has been tested with low loads, and by the end of the year Krug claims that tests will also be carried out with heavy loads. Once the full-scale tests have been completed, Axicle will start building a production line capable of producing more than 100,000 pieces per year.

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