The Ascent on Xbox Series X | S: duration, crossplay, resolution and fps in an interview

The Ascent on Xbox Series X | S: duration, crossplay, resolution and fps in an interview

The Ascent on Xbox Series X | S

The Ascent was the protagonist of a new interview with the Neon Giant development team, published by WCCFtech and from which several interesting details emerged about the new RPG shooter for PC, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One, such as duration, crossplay, resolution and frame-rate and more.

After returning to show itself in the Rise Up trailer with cooperative gameplay, we are still talking about this interesting game thanks to the information provided by Arcade Berg (Game Director) and Tor Frick (Art Director) at said site.

As for the sources of inspiration, the developers reported that they looked at several titles including Diablo, but then designed a mixture of action shooter with RPG elements that was the most possible original and still in line with their specific idea.

The Ascent presents a detailed cyberpunk world carefully constructed As for the duration of the game, the team reported that they only follow the main missions will require about 15-20 hours of gameplay, to which, however, the time spent in the secondary missions must be added. As for replayability, Neon Giant made an interesting speech on The Ascent: contrary to what happens in many other similar titles, the developers do not aim to lengthen the use through procedural elements.

Some procedural features have been used by the developers for the game, but in the course of development and outside of what are the actual contents: in essence, the levels and events have all been designed and developed precisely and according to a specific design. "We are focused on ensuring that the game experience is the best it can be. We have used procedural tools outside of the game to help us create and curate the vast amount of content you will find in the game, but you will still find yourself playing in the game. a pre-established world, where the loot and secrets are already determined ", explained Arcade.

" But having said that, we still have some systems that manage unique encounters within the game world, in order to guarantee what new ones even when returning to areas that have already been visited. We are more interested in providing the best possible experience than one that tends to be endless ".

Similarly, weapons and equipment are all designed with precision and are not built in procedural manner. The progression of the characters is then based on the classic attribution of experience points that allows you to increase attributes and enhance special abilities.

The Ascent also features a cooperative multiplayer As for resolution and performance, Neon Giant already has confirmed that on Xbox Series X The Ascent will go to 4K and 60 frames per second, although obviously there will be to see if it is native resolution or not. As for the Xbox Series S, the developers are aiming for 1440p at 60 frames per second, 4K at 30fps on Xbox One X and 900p on Xbox One, but the precise values ​​are yet to be defined.

Also confirmed the support for crossplay and the Play Anywhere system, which will therefore allow you to share progress and saves between PC and Xbox consoles. For more information on the game, we refer you to the preview of The Ascent by Aligi Comandini, who confirmed the excellent impressions on this cyberpunk RPG, also developed by a small team of only 12 developers.

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The Ascent on Xbox Series X | S

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