Super Mario 3D-All Stars is back on Amazon at a discounted price!

Super Mario 3D-All Stars is back on Amazon at a discounted price!

After having offered you the main discounts of the morning on Amazon, let's now go back to talking about the portal to report the very welcome return of a title as much appreciated as much sought after by collectors, or the splendid Super Mario 3D-All Stars, a title recently out of production and victim of unbridled scalping, such as to have brought some copies even over € 150!

The reason is simple, with the end of March, N intendo has removed this collection from shops and digital stores dedicated to three three-dimensional classics starring Mario, in what was one of the many celebratory releases that the Kyoto house has put on the market in conjunction with the celebrations for the 35th anniversary of its mustachioed darling.

Nintendo, of the rest, he had announced immediately that the game would be sold only for a limited time even if, unfortunately, this did not stop the touting so much that, at the announcement of the or stop production, the game figures have risen to crazy prices compared to the original 59.99 € required for the purchase.

Well, if you are among those who have not managed to buy Super Mario 3D-All Stars (title that, as you may have understood, is in itself excellent to play and to collect), you will be happy to know that the game is back available on Amazon with a discount of € 10.99, which are not at all low for a title Nintendo (read: games very little inclined to depreciate, even years after their release).

We do not know until when you will be able to enjoy this promo, but for now we point out that on Amazon Super Mario 3D- All Stars is available for only € 49.00, in the “sold and shipped by Amazon” formula, which not only guarantees the substantial impossibility of any scam, but also a quick and safe shipment.

Believe us: this is an opportunity not to be missed for any Nintendo fan, not only because Super Mario 3D-All Stars is, as mentioned, a title completely out of production (and therefore destined to disappear from the market primary), but also, and above all, an excellent collection containing three milestones in Mario's history, namely: Super Mario 64, a classic of videogame history in three dimensions, Super Mario Sunshine, a successful episode with particularly summer themes, and, finally, , the very first Super Mario Galaxy, that is one of the most beautiful and loved video games ever starring the (former) mustachioed plumber.

An unmissable triptych that, at a discount of € 49.00, is now more attractive than never, especially considering that this, in all probability, is the last chance you will find Super Mario 3D-All Stars at a price that is not only acceptable, but even discounted! Take advantage of it!

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