Star Trek: Picard: Q cast reveals spoilers for the series

Star Trek: Picard: Q cast reveals spoilers for the series

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Q returns. The TV broadcaster CBS has already officially announced this and is even promoting the second season of the Star Trek: Picard series. But now Q actor John de Lancie has slipped out something that he perhaps shouldn't have revealed yet.

Warning! Here are spoilers!

"Q is coming back. In fact, I've been shooting Picard for the last two weeks and really pissed off Picard - really pissed off him. (laughs)," said John de Lancie. “Patrick [Stewart] was happy to see me for the first few days and after a few more days of really annoying scenes he said,“ So how many episodes are you doing? ”In other words,“ When are you going to leave me Finally out of sight? "And the answer is: 6 episodes. I think you will be able to see them ... actually I don't know. But we're filming seasons two and three at the same time."

So the actor revealed several things at once:

Q will not only appear in one or two episodes, but in six. So we can expect a lot of Q in the future. Picard not only gets another season, but two and both are filmed at the same time. Actor LeVar Burton's statement also makes sense. Because there were indications that he appears in Star Trek: Picard, but recently announced that he will not be in season 2. But if seasons 2 and 3 are filmed at the same time, then Geordie La Forge is probably really there, but will only be added in season 3.

In addition, John de Lancie said that we are seeing a Q that has changed. He's still annoying Picard, but he'll be more serious and stop fooling around as much: "This time it's a completely different Q. You didn't want to fool around that much anymore. We'll see if the audience enjoys it. I think so Yes. They wanted another Q and they got it too. Not least because I'm thirty years older. The first thing I said to them when they asked me to come back was: You don't want me in this one again See tights, right? You don't want a 70-year-old man walking around in tights. And they said: Oh, no, no. That's something completely different. I said: Okay, as long as I don't wear tights. "

Finally, John de Lancie revealed a little about the trial that is still going on in Star Trek against humanity and Picard: "It is said that one especially loves the fact that I have brought humanity to justice Oh my god, sorry, but humanity must now really be brought to justice. But this may surprise you, I am not bringing humanity to justice as much as I am bringing Picard to justice. I'm back on the series in Picard and I'm making his life really difficult, so tune in. "

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'Star Trek: Discovery' wins three trophies at CAFTCAD costume awards

a person posing for the camera © Provided by The Canadian Press

'Star Trek: Discovery' netted three prizes for its otherworldly costumes at the CAFTCAD Awards.

The annual gala hosted by the Canadian Alliance of Film and Television Costume Arts and Design celebrates the best costumes in film, television and digital productions.

Costume designer Gersha Phillips and her team took the trophy in the TV sci-fi/fantasy category for her work on 'Star Trek: Discovery,' which also earned two crafts awards.

The team behind the Toronto-shot series won the crafts prize for costume building, and tied in the special effects costume category with TVOkids show 'Odd Squad Mobile Unit.'

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Oscars: Nomadland wins in 3 categories






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In film, the honour for best period costumes went to Michelle Lyte and her team on the Lifetime movie 'Salt-N-Pepa,' while Avery Plewes led designers on 'The Craft: Legacy' to victory in the contemporary category.

On the small screen, designer Adriana Fulop and her colleagues on CBC's 'Trickster' won best contemporary costumes, while Joanna Syrokomla and the team behind 'Murdoch Mysteries' were honoured for the show's period fashions.

The awards were handed out at a virtual gala on Saturday.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published May 1, 2021.

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