Resident Evil Village - People are whispering about ...

Resident Evil Village - People are whispering about ...

One of the most anticipated games of this season (and not only), Resident Evil Village arrived in stores for a couple of days after having divided the editors of half the world, who gave it decidedly discordant votes, generating for example a Metascore , for what it's worth, a little below expectations. To get an idea of ​​the game, which we liked, just read our review, of which you can find the link in the next paragraph. But the article and the work in general, will have convinced our readers too? What do they think of Capcom's latest work? Let's find out together through some of the "strongest" comments below our review.

People murmur is a monthly column dedicated to the most successful games, told from the point of view of the public. To review after some time and with a different eye the reviews and comments in the heat, and laugh a little over them.

Lady Dimitrescu at the center of attention ...

Judging from the interventions on our forum, under the review of Resident Evil Village, even our readers were divided on the opinions related to the game, and not everyone agreed with what our editor expressed in the article. From this point of view, sub-zero84 seems to best summarize the positive opinion of the fans: "I've been playing it for two days ... wonderful". "RE is back gentlemen, I take my 7.1 headphones and I shit in my hand", echoes AnimaOscura. For his part - Lightwalker - is not only so enthusiastic about the production that he is ready to be "sucked everything by Lady Dimitrescu because he is happy to die like this", but also that, having "appreciated the VII, I could not fail to give in to this.

I also tried the demo and I was pleasantly surprised, in particular for the settings of the castle which I hope will hold many surprises. "Obviously there was also criticism. Insan1ty, for example, was not already convinced of the change of visual from the third to the first person, but then declares his dissatisfaction because "in addition to this we also have a change of direction, with episodes that differ greatly from what was the heart of the matter, namely the Umbrella disaster and related pandemic triggered by the T-Virus ".

On the same wavelength the thought of nikobellic22, not very convinced of the game because in his opinion it is" all a "minus" of the previous chapters. Less horror, less resident evil, less fear, less VR (yes, they also took away the VR incomprehensibly). I don't think to play it if not super obvious ". Even DylanT seems convinced of the thing:" I'm waiting for it at 20 euros as it was with re3, the demo I am not convinced too scripted. "It also aims to save GAME OVER, which considers it" a RE7.5 that lasts only 10 hours and that if you don't play hard it is too simple and little survival ....... At 20 euros I would gladly play it ........ " >

A laugh will bury you

For many readers, in fact, one of the problems with the title is longevity, which from their point of view would be limited, especially when compared to the price you have to pay for it. "Resident evil and werewolves? Hahahahahahaahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha ": this is the comment of Ryukita, evidently not very convinced of the setting of the game. Then there is the question of the themes dealt with in the game, which" would clash "in the general narrative context of this saga. Steve-Writes. "I can't find the link between the virus and vampires. But maybe at the end of the story it will be discovered as it was for the 7. But vampire werewolves boh is a bit too much of a bummer ".

" Only me sucks? Slow, boring, an embarrassing story and grotesque / paradoxical situations. If I think of Resident Evil 2 I feel like crying ", is the opinion expressed by the user of our forum luca9790. But after much criticism, the favorable comments for Resident Evil Village return. Franco94a, for example, claims to have foreseen everything, and he even talks about the game "candidate for GOTY 2021 ??". "I liked the demo a lot and I am delighted that they followed the path of the VII evolving it to the fullest. As soon as I dispose of some steam backlog I will take it on the fly! ", Shinichi Izumi.

Wallerpiece, for example, shouts at the masterpiece and writes:" I saw some gameplay videos and honestly I expected less over the top to the RE7 (mind you, less OTT than the previous chapters) and more serious but it's fantastic anyway. The idea of ​​vampires and werewolves didn't appeal to me but it's developed well. In short, it looks like a half masterpiece! ". Congratulations also from joeXdever, who compares the atmosphere of Capcom's latest effort to the old masterpiece Alone in the Dark.

Ethan, you can kill!

The synthesis of all the perplexities of those who did not appreciate Village is however, who comments as follows: "I have also read other rece and this I find the most exaggerated, since they all talk about lights but also many shadows. In the end Capcom has returned to fall into the action drift ... ". And again:" as far as I'm concerned I hope it is the last chapter in first person and with Etan that I hope will have a bad end as I hate him as a character (for the fault of the game which I always consider a fool's sake) ... Last thing ... about ten hours I find it ridiculous, especially for a game with such a large map compared to the past ".

And the vote? Is it possible that there is no criticism of the vote of our review? Impossible! And here is K4OT1K4 making his debut in this sense by arguing that it does not mean that Resident Evil Village is bad, however he believes that "giving a higher vote to a fucking van helsing disguised as resident evil that resident evil has nothing to fuck compared to the REMAKE of 2 it seems to me really a antic "." To me it seems too action and arcade, it's a good game for sure but (for me) it's not it is from 9.2, maybe an 8 / 8.5 but I see some flaws of too much action and too much action to be a horror ", writes mikx93 instead.

The user Revicuster adds in turn: "the time I got on the demo allowed me to understand that horror and anxiety are no longer at home in this saga (apart from the happy penultimate chapter). Obviously I will play it and enjoy it later but I fear that the vote given to it is very inflated and the son of love and memories that triggers the saga in those who have reviewed it ". But luckily there are also those who, like ChiaKairi, agree with the vote of our review and write: "Great! Congratulations for the review and I hope to soon have a chance to play it too, VII had a lot of fun but I seem to guess that this is better (and the characters intrigue me more) ".

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