PS5 Tempest Engine: Here's how the Resident Evil Village and Returnal developers used it

PS5 Tempest Engine: Here's how the Resident Evil Village and Returnal developers used it

PS5 Tempest Engine

PS5's Tempest Engine, the engine capable of delivering extremely accurate spatial audio, is one of the less publicized innovations of the Sony console, but nevertheless it is and will increasingly be an element capable of changing the way we perceive video games. . For this reason the developers of Resident Evil Village and Returnal wanted to explain how they used it in their games and how it changes the way you listen to a video game.

The Tempest 3D AudioTech was conceived to make the videogame experience as engaging as possible in the games that support it. This is mainly because it is already "audible" with simple stereo headphones, while soon it will also be felt with TV speakers. But you can further refine the experience: in the 3D Audio section within the Sound menu of the PS5's settings there are five 3D Audio profiles to select from.

Wataru Hachisako, Resident Evil Village Audio Director, believes 3D audio can enrich the core gameplay. "It is very important in the horror genre to instill fear in the player's imagination through elements that he cannot see," he explains. "I want players to be able to experience an encounter with a new enemy, even before they see it. I believe 3D audio has the specs to really amplify what we're aiming for, not just before players have a chance to see an opponent. , but also when they come into direct contact with it. The sounds made by an enemy are more detailed and fill the space in a 3D environment, which helps to amplify the player's involvement. "

In Returnal, 3D audio "provides full, real-time awareness of the battlefield," explains Loic Couthier. Returnal's audio manager points out how Tempest technology communicates essential information to the player that helps him literally feel the presence of enemies before he even sees them.

Couthier explains how this audio effect can be achieved. Pressing the trigger on the DualSense controller emits three-dimensional sound beams from the weapon. When those rays hit an obstacle, a particular reflection sound is played. Just like in reality. For example, if you shoot into a tunnel that opens into a larger room, you will hear that echo that continues cascading around that larger space.

"Obviously, there is a visual interface which helps you understand where an attack or an enemy is coming from. " continues the man from Housemarque. "But the 3D audio indicates the exact location. It is the immediate action, dictated by muscle memory, of turning around and aiming at the enemy. Without 3D audio, you would have to move the view until you see where the target is. enemy, and you would probably suffer damage due to the time spent searching. The tactical advantage is incredible, because you gain reaction time and can plan a strategy based on your awareness on the battlefield ".

"By adding 3D audio to the presentation, the graphics are enriched with more details, while players will also notice subtle differences in the depth and perception of all the different areas they encounter," replies Hachisako when asked what the 3D audio adds. to the horror atmosphere of Resident Evil. "Whether it's a cold winter breeze that makes a roof rattle, the absence of sound that signals the presence of something lurking in the dark, an opponent leaping in front of the player or the peaceful melody of a safe room, all these elements are distinctive and more complete with the addition of proper audio and music ... 3D audio is truly capable of providing the player with a more impactful experience. "

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Returnal: 3D Tempest Audio Improvements on PS5 Compared

Returnal: The Housemarque game takes advantage of the possibilities of the PS5 Tempest Engine and a user offers the possibility to compare its different 3D audio modes. Returnal was released on April 30 on PS5 and one of its main characteristics is the care with which Housemarque has worked in terms of sound treatment. It is an experience designed to be enjoyed with headphones, and YouTube user Essais LesNums has got to work to compare the different 3D audio profiles offered by the Tempest Engine of the console. Next, we leave you the video in which you can appreciate all the differences.

The new Housemarque title for PS5 bets on a science fiction adventure that makes use of roguelike, metroidvania and bullet hell mechanics. The story, starring Selene, is based on cycles that repeat themselves to infinity; when we fall in combat, a new loop begins from the starting point. In addition, the development of the script is directly related to this mechanic, since the video scenes follow one another based on our deaths.

In our analysis, we say that the game takes full advantage of the possibilities of a new generation console such as PS5, and we emphasize that “when you combine your DualSense with headphones, you form the complete pack”, in reference to the way in which it exploits the functions of both the command and the Tempest Engine. In addition, we conclude by claiming that it is “a new generation game and one of the great surprises of this 2021”.

Are you playing Returnal and having trouble overcoming its challenges? In that case, maybe our complete guide will help you, in which you can find strategies to defeat the fearsome final bosses, tips for beginners and information about the weapons and objects of the game, among other content of interest.

Returnal isa> available on PS5.

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