Prison Architect: trailer unveils "Second Chances", new DLC, with release date

Prison Architect: trailer unveils Second Chances, new DLC, with release date

Prison Architect

Paradox Interactive has released a new trailer dedicated to "Second Chances", the new DLC for Prison Architect. In this new expansion of the prison simulator, the player has the possibility to give prisoners "a second chance" through a new rehabilitation system.

Prison Architect's "Second Chances" DLC allows us to reduce the sentences of inmates and to effectively reintegrate them into society through various rehabilitation programs. There will be the opportunity to socialize with civilians, take lessons on conflict resolution and much more.

Specifically, there will be programs such as Animal Therapy, Meet & Greet, meetings with ex-offenders: these actions can eliminate negative traits and introduce positive ones. On the basis of the actions taken, prisoners can expect a decrease in the sentence or, conversely, an increase in it. Repeat offenders will return to prison even after being released and the player will have to pay a fine: Prison Architect players will then be enticed to take advantage of the new DLC options.

Inmates will also be able to become salespeople, both for prisoners and visitors: for example, there will be a baker, a restaurant and a therapy room. In addition, to prepare for their return to society, inmates can earn job credentials by participating in various programs.

Prison Architect's Second Chances expansion will arrive on PC, Xbox One and PS4 on June 16 and on Nintendo Switch. June 29.

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Prison Architect: Second Chances Announced, Focused On Helping Inmates

The management simulator Prison Architect is getting its fifth expansion, Second Chances, and it's all focused on creating a more positive and rehabilitating system for convicts that results in reduced sentences and a lower chance of them ending up behind bars.

Announced during PDXCON Remixed on May 21, Prison Architect: Second Chances adds a whole bunch of new tools to help you identify inmates with a high probability of returning to prison and take steps to improve their situation. To determine which people you should focus your attention on, you can see a few different statistics, including whether or not the person has family and if they have committed multiple crimes.

Helping the prison population can be done via a variety of actions, such as providing higher-paying jobs in the prison--including ones that promote furthering education--reducing sentences based on behavior, running animal therapy programs, and even bringing back reformed prisoners to run group workshops.

Keeping former prisoners from returning is at the heart of the expansion.Keeping former prisoners from returning is at the heart of the expansion.

The prison can receive fines based on reoffending prisoners, further encouraging you to make sure that those who serve their sentence are prepared for the outside world and will not return again. Situations like the prisoner's age or family can play a role, but these are not as important in Prison Architect as the factors you have control over. Each time they do return, it will usually be even harder to ensure they don't get convicted again after serving their new sentence.

Prison Architect: Second Chances is just one of the announcements to come out of PDXCON Remixed, which also includes Crusader Kings 3: Royal Court, and it's out for PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on June 16, followed by Nintendo Switch on June 29.

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