PlayStation Plus, May 2021: Battlefield V, Stranded Deep and Wreckfest

PlayStation Plus, May 2021: Battlefield V, Stranded Deep and Wreckfest

PlayStation Plus, May 2021

Also in May 2021 the PlayStation Plus update proves to be very interesting, with three new games able to offer PS5 and PS4</a> owners engaging and varied experiences, all with an undoubted depth.

In fact, they enter the Sony's line-up of the immersive shooter Battlefield V, with its spectacular large-scale battles; the fascinating survival-based adventure Stranded Deep; and finally the next-gen version of Wreckfest, the driving game full of destruction developed by the authors of FatOut.

Was the May selection appreciated by the readers of According to our survey, in reality, not too much: only 13% of users said they were very satisfied and 31% quite satisfied, therefore in the minority compared to those who did not like the new titles.

Battlefield V

Battlefield V, some of the protagonists of the campaign. Waiting for the reveal of the new episode, which should take place by the end of the month, Battlefield V still convincingly embodies the spirit of the DICE series: a solid and spectacular shooter, with an excellent single player campaign but above all a rich and exciting competitive multiplayer sector.

The story mode catapults us back into the atmosphere of the Second World War, but going to represent some of the less inflated situations and battles of the terrible conflict: from the clashes in the Norwegian mountains to the front with the French colonial troops, passing through the North African campaign.

Battlefield V, a combat sequence in the mountains. The unfailingly cinematic look of the single player component is assisted, as mentioned, by online modes that clearly express the ambitions of the franchise, involving us in clashes open to sixty-four players in which maps are the masters, with extremely wide scenarios and an unprecedented degree of destructibility.

The final result, thanks to a technical achievement of excellence, is an episode that may not have conquered all fans of the series but which boasts undeniable strengths and has been further refined in the over time thanks to punctual and abundant post-launch support, also and above all made up of extra contents aimed at enriching the package.

Stranded Deep

Stranded Deep will see us collect useful resources for survival. Miraculously surviving the crash of a plane, in Stranded Deep we will find ourselves alone on an apparently deserted island, part of an archipelago that we will be able to explore only after becoming familiar with the survival mechanics that characterize the game. In fact, our character will have to overcome hunger, thirst, heat and the threat of predators, and it will not be easy to succeed.

By collecting resources around we will be able to build weapons and objects of various kinds, hunt small animals and build shelters in which find shelter, gradually expanding our range but always paying attention to the risks of an often hostile environment, mercilessly represented by permanent death.


Almost two years old Since its release on PS4, Wreckfest makes its debut this month on PlayStation Plus with the next-gen version, which boasts a number of important improvements designed around the capabilities of the PlayStation 5: the graphics reach 4K at 60 frames per second, the uploads appear considerably faster (but less than the average of the games for the new Sony console) and the effects have also been enhanced.

We are talking about a new suit for the title of Bugbear Entertainm ent, equipped with a solid driving model and the ability to make excellent impacts, vehicle deformations and in general the physics of races that will see us challenge the other competitors to who crosses the finish line first, to whoever manages to not to be eliminated and to those who survive the spectacular demolition derby. All aboard vehicles ranging from muscle cars to compacts, from family cars to vans, through lawn mowers, combine harvesters, buses and even sofas with wheels.

May 2021 arrivals and departures

No longer available on PlayStation Plus from May 4th

Days Gone - PS4

Oddworld: Soulstorm - PS5

Zombie Army 4: Dead War - PS4

Available on PlayStation Plus from May 4th

Battlefield V - PS4

Stranded Deep - PS4

Wreckfest - PS5

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