New Pokémon Snap: Guide to all legendary Pokémon

New Pokémon Snap: Guide to all legendary Pokémon

New Pokémon Snap

Have you already completed the story of New Pokémon Snap (read the test here)? Fortunately, then there is still a lot for nature photographers to do. For example, you can now complete your Fotodex (you can find the list of all Pokémon here) and meet and take photos of nine legendary Pokémon in the game. We have recorded for you where you can find Mew, Suicune and their colleagues, if you want to follow the steps very closely, watch the accompanying video. Our strategies are examples that are sure to lead to success, the legendary Pokémon can also appear in other places in the level.

Table of contents

1. Mew 2. Celebi 3. Shaymin 4. Manaphy 5 Lugia 6. Suicune 7. Diancie 8. Jirachi 9. Ho-Oh Recommended editorial content Here you can find external content from [PLATFORM]. To protect your personal data, external integrations are only displayed if you confirm this by clicking on "Load all external content": Load all external content I consent to external content being displayed to me. This means that personal data is transmitted to third-party platforms. Read more about our privacy policy . External content More on this in our data protection declaration. The following applies to all nine legendary Pokémon in the game: You must have completed the story of the game and the routes on which you meet them must for the most part have been leveled to at least level two, some even to level three.


Mew, the oldest legendary Pokémon in the game, can be found in the Dense Jungle at Night level. It is sufficient to have upgraded the route to level two.

You can find Mew in the jungle (night) if you turn around immediately after the route starts and play the Poké flute melody. Source: Computec Media GmbH

Immediately after the start of the route, turn around and look backwards, the fastest way to do this is to press down on the D-Pad. Then play the poké flute. A pink ball that is familiar to all players in the first part now appears. Throw a velvet apple at her to reveal Mew and snap a photo. Mew then scurries through the first part of the level, so you can photograph it several times if you hit it again with an apple.


Celebi scurries in the last part of the Wandelwald route back and forth. Source: Computec Media GmbH Celebi feels at home in the forest according to its nature. So choose the Wandelwald route, here, too, step two is sufficient. When you get to the last, evergreen part of the level, keep an eye out to the right and left of you. Which season prevails on the route beforehand does not matter. Celebi flies around here from right to left rather nimbly. You don't have to meet any requirements for Celebi to appear.


Shaymin meets you in the very first level of the game, in the Floreo Nature Park, both on the normal route during the day and at night , as well as on the Lumina route. For one thing, Shaymin hides in the grass during the day to the left of the point on the route where the Bidiza built their dam. You can also find it at the end of the area in the flower field, where it is well camouflaged.

You can also find it at night on the same route right at the start on the right, as it depends with its colleagues. Both stretches must be on level three so that you can meet Shaymin.

You can meet Shaymin in the Floreo Nature Park at night and during the day, and you can also discover it in the Lumina Zone. Source: Computec Media GmbH

On the Lumina route with Meganie, Shaymin is better hidden. You have to throw Lumina balls onto the cliff on the left near the first Lumina blossom, precisely on the area behind the tuft of grass. Then Shaymin becomes visible and you can not only photograph the hedgehog itself, but also capture the interaction with Meganie when Shaymin jumps on the head of the plant Pokémon.


The legendary Water Pokémon Manaphy is near Lapras, so he chooses the Copia Reef route in the evening, it should be at least level two.

Manaphy jumps between the singing Lapras on Copia Reef (evening ). Source: Computec Media GmbH

Shortly before the end of the tour, decide on the turn-off to the right, which will lead you close to the Lapras. Then, meet Lapras with Lumina Balls and play the Poké Flute to get them to start singing. Manaphy will jump out between the singing lapras and swim through the water.


Lugia also feels comfortable in the water, but on a different level, namely on the Lentil seabed. You absolutely need researcher level three in this area.

To find the Pokémon, you have to take the first turn on the left in the level, behind the boulder that initially blocks the alternative route. Then drive through the cave with the Lampi and Starmie. If you dive straight down the rocky tunnel, keep an eye out for a single lanturn.

Lugia lives in the depths of the Copia Reef, to find it you have to help a single lanturn first. Source: Computec Media GmbH Throws a lumina ball at it. Now look around on the way down in the same area for two quabs that are pestering the Lanturn from just now. You interrupt the argument by throwing a lumina ball at the fighters.

Lanturn will now thank you by leading you to a new area. Swim with him through the narrow cave and then immediately look to the right: Lugia is taking a nap on a coral there. To wake Lugia up, you have to hit the lumina flowers near him. One is right in front of him and easy to catch, but the other is further back on the cave wall with the sleeping Magikarp. When you both light up, Lugia swims around and you can snap impressive pictures.


Taking photos of Suicune is one of the more complicated endeavors on this list, but with a bit of accuracy, it isn't either Problem. First you choose the route Frosty Snow Field at Night. You can see Suicune on level two as well as on level three.

Take the first turn through the big snow wall in level, regardless of whether it is level two or three. If you are not yet able to drive this path, you have to take the day variant of the Alola-Sandamer route three times in the starting area in different places so that it opens the alternative route.

Have you got through the wall anyway? do you see a tie there. As soon as it has run over to the tree, you throw a lumina ball at it. The Pokémon will then attack the fir tree, causing snow to fall on the Rexblisar opposite. This Pokémon gets angry and creates a blizzard. Immediately afterwards look slightly upwards in the direction of travel to discover Frosdedje. Photograph it in the blizzard to make it take a turn. This leads right through a wall of snow into the ice cave.

Suicine looks at you thoughtfully shortly before the end of the snow trail when you have taken the turnoff through the ice cave. Source: Computec Media GmbH From now on the procedure differs between level two and level three. At level three you have to pay attention to the Rossana on the right after leaving the ice cave, which stands on an Arktilas. If you hit Rossana with a Lumina ball, Suicune will gallop over the Arctic Ocean from behind on the right.

If the route is at level two for you, you simply continue to drive the route almost to the end. On the right at the end point, after Botogel has run past with his friends, Suicune will look in your direction from an ice platform on the right.


The Stone Fairy Pokémon can be found in the Remote Cave level , the route must be on level three.

When you have arrived at the bottom of the waterfall, you choose the junction to the right that leads down, deeper into the cave.

Diancie attracts you the route Remote Cave by hitting three specific Pokémon with a Lumina Ball. Source: Computec Media GmbH

Here you can see two Rocara and a Flunkifer from above. You have to hit all three with a lumina ball for Diancie to show up. Fortunately, that's not too difficult, and once you've done that, you just have to look slightly to the right of Flunkifer to spot the legendary Pokémon as it joins the trio.


In the Ruins of the Protection you have the opportunity to meet Jirachi. You will encounter it right at the beginning of the route in the above-ground area, as long as you have unlocked at least level two of the route.

Jirachi is already floating towards you in the beginning area of ​​the ruins of protection. Source: Computec Media GmbH Between the floating Cottomi at the beginning, Jirachi flies towards you for the first time, deeper in the ruins it also shows, and you don't even have to do anything special. Jirachi is slumbering in the cave on the statue in the middle of the second crystal flower fountain, which you had to light up to complete the story of the game. If you wake up Jirachi here, it will whiz through the whole cave.


The firebird is at home in the seething volcano level and appears there as soon as you have reached the third explorer level. Ho-Oh can appear in three different places.

Look right at the start of the area to the right between the rocks at the sky, this is where Ho-Oh appears for the first time. If you don't see Ho-Oh here, the Pokémon can appear in two other places in the level.

If you then continue to the area with the hot spring, you will reach the lava field. Look behind you to the left, where Monargoras sometimes stomps out between the rocks. Here, too, Ho-Oh can briefly appear in the sky. The third and last possible spot is in the same area, where a charmander and a lumina blossom can be seen.

If you want a four-star picture of Ho-Oh, you have to do it at one of the first photograph said three locations. Then you drive further into the cave and turn right. As soon as you get into the cave where the Charmander can be seen at the bottom right, look to the left. There is a feather from Ho-Oh on the rock face. Make them glow with a lumina ball.

Ho-Oh flies over the Seething Volcano route. If you hit all of its feathers in the level with a Lumina Ball, the Pokémon will appear in full glory shortly before the end of the route. Source: Computec Media GmbH In the next room you wake up the sleeping Qurtel to illuminate the second feather that lies behind him. The third and last feather is further forward to the left by the blue lava near Flamara and Charmander. Have you caught the three feathers, Ho-Oh appears in the last section of the route in the middle and poses for you.

Do you have any further tips for photo opportunities of the legendary Pokémon? Leave a comment and help other naturalists and photographers!

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