New MacBook, Mac Pro and iMac coming in 2021: probable technical specifications and release dates

New MacBook, Mac Pro and iMac coming in 2021: probable technical specifications and release dates

New MacBook, Mac Pro and iMac coming in 2021

A few weeks after the important WWDC 2021 event in which juicy hardware and software innovations from the Apple world await us, some interesting previews have emerged about the Mac computers coming this year. The very detailed report published by the reliable Mark Gurman on Bloomberg revealed numerous technical and construction details of the next Apple computers.

In particular, the models arriving in the following months have been unveiled, among which we find two renewed MacBooks Pro, a high-end Mac Mini, the new colorful MacBook Air, a larger iMac and finally the new Mac Pro power monster. Each will be equipped with an advanced M1 chip, specially designed by Apple to offer the best integration between hardware and software.

In autumn we already appreciated the first models equipped with M1 processor such as the new MacBook Air, Mac Mini and MacBook Pro, while just a month ago we saw the announcements regarding the new iMacs. However, Apple seems to be ready for the next step forward, which would mark an important evolution of the entire Mac line. Find out with us what we can expect from the new Macs arriving in 2021.

MacBook Pro 14 and 16 inch

MacBook Pro with reduced bezels The recent MacBook Air and MacBook Pro equipped with M1 processors have been very well received by critics and users alike. Apple has definitively abandoned Intel processors, marking the beginning of a new era for Mac computers. The importance of this choice has already been extensively discussed in our special, so today we want to focus on their move, aimed at further evolving the market. of laptops branded with the apple.

The new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro should debut this summer. Apple could finally adopt the mini-LED panel for displays, significantly reducing the now abundant bezels present on current models. This would make the new 14-inch MacBook Pro virtually the same in size and weight as the current 13-inch model. the same diagonal as the display with reduced bezels. According to Gurman we will see the great return of the MagSafe connector for power and the addition of the much desired HDMI port and SD card slots. These latest additions are in fact indispensable for creatives, one of the main targets of these MacBook Pro.

MacBook Air colored

The new colored line of MacBook Air Moving on to MacBook Air we await a new revision already in the second half of 2021 one year after their last model. Recently, analyst Jon Prosser, another reliable name in the Apple landscape, said that the new MacBook Air will come in several new colors with small refinements on the design. The colorful line of MacBook Air will inherit the aesthetic style defined with the recent 24-inch iMacs.

The processor under the body will represent a small evolution compared to the current M1, in fact it could be called M1X, following the nomenclature used for iPad processors. This new chip will have 8 to 10 graphics cores and in general will offer improved performance for the same consumption compared to the current version. The same M1X will also be used with the new "budget" MacBook Pro foreseen by Bloomberg's report.

There should be no other substantial news regarding the MacBook Air, even if some even support the arrival of the display mini-LED, which, however, could be a far too expensive choice for an affordable computer.

iMac and Mac Mini

The new iMacs in numerous colored variants Finally we have come to consumer desktop computers from Apple, represented by the classic Mac Mini and iMac line. Let's start with the smallest, which has already embraced the technology offered by the M1 chip with the model released last fall. The 2021 Mac Mini will not replace the latest model, but will complement it by offering more power. As we have just seen, all these new computers will be equipped with the M2 or M2X chip, so they will offer better graphics and computational performance. The next Mac Mini will therefore be a high-end computer, to which two new USB-C ports with Thunderblolt support will be added.

While the 24-inch iMac has already been revamped in recent weeks, many users are waiting still its larger version typically associated with a 27-inch display. According to numerous rumors, the new iMac will have a larger 30 or 32-inch screen with 5 or 6K resolution, just like its younger brother which has gone from 21 to 24 inches with the respective increase in resolution. Under the body we will find the M2 or M2X processors for higher performance with the same consumption. The price target will be higher than the smaller model, but it will be justified by the larger display and double the power.

Mac Pro

The particular design of the current Mac Pro will soon arrive the new power monster historically known as Mac Pro. The latest model of this Apple computer dedicated to professionals has demonstrated a truly disarming computational capacity and scalability. Apple would be ready to expand this power thanks to the new chips produced internally, which will therefore replace the Intel ones. The code name of the chips is Jade 2C-Die and Jade 4C-Die, the first with 20 cores while the second with 40 cores (respectively 16 high-performance cores and four energy-saving cores, or 32 high-performance cores and 8 high efficiency).

Graphics memory will also be very impressive with two options of 64 or 128 graphics cores. According to Bloomberg, the new Mac Pros should offer two to four times more power than computers equipped with the previously mentioned M2 and M2X processors. The particular design will remain almost identical, but some small changes will be made to differentiate it from the previous model. Its release is currently set for 2022, probably in the first half of the year.

M2 chip

Apple's in-house M-series chips Under the shell of MacBook Pro and others computer that we will see later, however, comes the real novelty represented by two new chips with the code name Jade C-Chop and Jade C-Die. It is an important evolution of the current M1 chip featuring 8 cores, 4 high performance and 4 energy efficient with 7 or 8 graphics core variants. The new SoCs, which will probably be called M2 and M2X, will instead have 10 cores among which there will be 8 high-performance and two energy-saving. The main difference between the two chips will be the graphics part, which will be expanded in two versions with 16 or 32 graphics cores.

There will also be an important update on the maximum supported RAM memory, currently stopped at 16 GB, while with the new chips it will reach up to 64 GB. If today the power of the Macs with the M1 chip is truly astounding, on paper these subsequent M2 and M2X versions could easily double the power offered on the graphics side and improve by a further 30% on the CPU side. This is a truly impressive result if you think that only a year has passed since the announcement of the M1 processor.

Many applications in fact have not yet been converted to work natively with this processor, and despite being emulated by the system operational, they manage to guarantee excellent performance compared to what is seen on Intel processors.

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