Headphones for PS4, the best | May 2021

Headphones for PS4, the best | May 2021

Headphones for PS4

What are the best headphones for PS4</a>? From the simple sound effects that we still remember with great nostalgia today, the audio component has made enormous steps forward in recent years, with increasingly precise sounds and incessantly more accurate and mammoth soundtracks. Above all, horror titles and competitive shooters benefited from this, as they also fully exploit the spatiality of sounds, the so-called "surround system." Stealth games are not far behind, as well as the most important story-driven titles. No more chatter, let's start with our tips right away!

The best headphones for PS4

HyperX Cloud 2 Platinum 7.1 3D Headphones Pulse Trust Gaming GXT 488 Gold The Last of Us Headphones Part 2

The best headphones with cable

The Hyperx Cloud 2 headphones are a practically perfect choice for those who are not afraid of simple cables to have around during gaming sessions. Built with materials capable of not weighing down the two pavilions and the headband too much, this device is not only very comfortable for those without glasses, but also those who wear them will not suffer from any discomfort, unless they keep it on their head for excessively long periods. prolonged.

The methods of use are basically two: jack cable to be connected to the dualshock 4, or USB cable to be attached to one of the many ports on PlayStation 4. Depending on the type of connection chosen, there will be differences, considering that from the moment you connect the device via USB, you will also use the remote control, which is useful for adjusting the audio or microphone volume. Also from this small remote control you can also activate 7.1, which however does not always work properly, since often some titles - especially the exclusive PlayStation - will ask directly for Sony's proprietary devices. However, this is a bearable renunciation, because in the vast majority of games the audio is well directed and of good quality. In case you are a fan of multiplayer, know that these headphones are also equipped with a microphone, whose quality is not impeccable, but in any case satisfactory for communicating with friends during games.

you will take home for about 100 euros, a not excessive expense especially considering many other models overpriced due to the brand.

The best headphones wireless

As discussed in the previous paragraph, buying Sony proprietary devices is a great choice. In fact, you will have access to preset audio presets that will greatly improve the quality of the sounds in some titles, as well as profiles that are well suited to any kind of game. You will find all this in the convenient "application for headphones" on PlayStation Store, characterized, among other things, by a very small download.

As for the build quality, the product stands at excellent levels and the size of the pavilions is sufficiently large. Connectivity is instead managed with a bluetooth key to be connected to one of the USB ports of your PlayStation 4, a receiver that will allow you to use them wirelessly, allowing you to move around the room even during use, as long as you do not overdo it with distance, otherwise the headphones will be disconnected. As for the price, which was quite prohibitive at the time, today it is around 140 euros, a figure that is certainly considerable but well rewarded by the quality offered by the device. Furthermore, although the brand suggests an exclusive use on Sony platforms, they can actually also be used on mobile devices and PCs.

Although not directly designed for PlayStation 4, you could also consider purchasing the new 3D Pulse specially designed for PlayStation 5. We leave you the reference link.

» Click here to buy 3D Pulse headphones

The best headphones at a low price

The quality of the sounds is essential to fully appreciate a video game, therefore having excellent quality headphones is important. If you really have no intention of shelling out over 100 euros, the Trust Gaming GXT 488 model is for you. Let's be clear, don't expect impeccable build quality or excellent depth of sound, everything is on average.

To connect headphones to your PlayStation 4, just plug the jack cable into the controller; to adjust the audio and the microphone, on the other hand, there are special buttons located next to the pavilions, including the button to completely change the microphone.

The product is sold for about 30 euros, often even less. so take a look at the reference links.

The best collectible headphones

Arrived last year now, The Last of Us Part 2, in addition to the numerous acclaim from the critics, has received various themed accessories: from headphones, through the screen-printed console, up to an external HDD.

The headphones in question , a simply branded version of the excellent Gold released by Sony a couple of years ago, they perform very well on the PlayStation 4 and, as for the Platinum mentioned above, allow you to access a support application capable of enhancing the audio of the games thanks to presets developed directly by the developers. Then we have a built-in microphone, the ability to adjust the chat audio and activate the virtual surround.

In short, for PlayStation 4 users and Naughty Dog game fans, it's really a crazy headset.

PS4 Headphones, all you need to know


As for wireless devices, therefore without cables, battery life plays a very important role, especially if the buyer is an inveterate gamer and not an occasional one. The products we have selected for you, namely Platinum 7.1, 3D Pulse and Gold themed The Last of Us Part 2, are three excellent choices which also abound in battery life, which is around 8 hours of use. Let me be clear: it is necessary to get used to and enter a continuous routine that includes daily recharging - or almost - of the headphones; obviously everything depends on the actual hours of use.


The market invents names after names and it is therefore easy to get confused if you do not have to follow the trend and the new releases adequately. The most passionate gamers and dedicated to competition know it well: today, owning a good gaming headset is very important, which is why the choice often falls on models capable of reproducing a good spatiality of sounds, sometimes even 3D. In this way, unlike the common and now past headphones with stereo audio 2.0, rather than perceiving only the sounds coming from the left and right, other directions are also added, reaching a 360-degree sound envelope.

Ergonomics and quality of the cable

Especially those who find themselves forced to wear eyeglasses, must be very careful when choosing a gaming headset. Obviously the cases vary a lot since everything is also due to the type of frame and shape of the skull. However, there are some details to pay attention to in order to avoid making mistakes. First of all, the shape of the pavilion is preferable to be oval, not in the shape of a circle, and that the upper arch is well coated and does not cause headaches. The quality of the cable is also very important, if your headphones are not Wireless, so pay close attention to this small detail too.

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