Neon Genesis Evangelion, the cosplay of Rei and Asuka from shirogane and saiwestwood

Neon Genesis Evangelion, the cosplay of Rei and Asuka from shirogane and saiwestwood

Neon Genesis Evangelion

The cosplay of Rei and Asuka, two of Neon Genesis Evangelion's most beloved and fascinating characters, performed by shirogane and saiwestwood is truly remarkable. The two models, in fact, interpreted this iconic duo in a very particular way, perhaps not very faithful to the original characters, but certainly effective.

First of all, the two EVA pilots have never been particularly friendly, as it seems to be. this photo. In addition, the official suits are much more opaque, even if those shown in the photo do not lack details. Probably the interpretation of shirogane and saiwestwood comes directly from the dreams of Shinji Ikari and therefore the "smashed" lights and the complicit attitude would also be explained.

The similarity of the models with the original subjects, however, seems to be all there , as well as the care for reinterpreting the costumes.

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Casio G-SHOCK Taps 'Neon Genesis Evangelion' for Bold Red DW-5600

Casio G-SHOCK has tapped Neon Genesis Evangelion for a bold red DW-5600.

The watch’s design is modeled after the anime’s EVA-02, the third completed Evangelion and the first Production Model from the show. EVA-02 was made to rectify some of the flawed designs of the Prototype Unit-00 and Test Type Unit-01 — the first Evangelion unit built for the sole purpose of fighting Angels.

Faithfully capturing EVA-02’s original color scheme, most of the watch comes in red. “Protection” and “G-SHOCK” branding pop out in a lime-green palette. The watch face features a red and black leopard pattern, complemented by white numbers, including a large “02” that goes over the animal print. As a final touch, the words “PRODUCTION” and “EVA-02” are printed on the watch’s band as a nod to the red Evangelion.

Casio G-SHOCK and Neon Genesis Evangelion‘s DW-5600 will be available for pre-order soon on Casio G-SHOCK Japan’s website for ¥22,000 JPY (approximately $201 USD).

In case you missed it, here’s a look at G-SHOCK’s NASA-inspired DW-5600 model.

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