Mass Effect: We like to relive these epic moments

Mass Effect: We like to relive these epic moments

Mass Effect

Only one week left until the release of the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition and I am as happy as a honey cake horse to finally dive into this universe again. And that's despite the fact that I've played the three games in the Mass Effect series easily half a dozen times or more. I still know many of the scenes by heart. Where many players lose interest after playing them through once, because they already know everything, somehow I never get bored with Mass Effect. There are few other video game brands, like Dragon Age, that can do this for me. But why is it that Commander Shepard's adventures inspire again and again? For me it is clearly the countless exciting, emotional and memorable moments that make up a large part of the experience and simply do not lose any of their fascination even after years. (Caution, the text contains various spoilers for all three parts) Mass Effect Column Source: PC Games

Departure into a new universe

It was certainly also helpful that Mass Effect was for me picked up right from the start and imprinted on my memory. Even the intro with the famous title theme by Jack Wall, when Anderson and Udina talk about Shepard in the background and we then see the hero walking through Normandy towards the bridge, left a lasting impression. It was immediately clear to me that I am embarking on a very special journey here on Mass Effect column Source: PC Games. So the memorable moments ran through the game. When the Normandy flies through a fog and the majestic Citadel appears below us for the first time, when Shepard is named Specter in front of the council and the amazed murmur of the audience and we gradually fill our crew with exciting alien characters.

Later, on Virmire, there is a decisive moment in the trilogy for me when we speak to Sovereign for the first time. When the Reaper speaks with his incredibly deep voice of the infinity of his species, makes it clear to us how insignificant we actually are on a galactic scale and makes it clear that our doom is not a question of "if", but only of "when" is, then your heart slips into your pants. For the first time it becomes really clear what an overwhelming threat the peoples of the Milky Way are dealing with. All the better then the feeling when we actually succeed in defeating this overpowering enemy in the battle for the Citadel.

Gain time, by all means

Even if this threat is present In the second part, something at least partially fades into the background, the game has its emotional moments due to the more personal story. When Ashley suddenly no longer trusts me because I work with Cerberus, the Mass Effect column Source: Electronic Arts is understandable, but somehow also shocking. The reunion with Garrus is fantastically staged and when Mordin suddenly performs his very own version of Gilbert and Sullivan, no eye stays dry. One of the most epic moments of the entire trilogy is of course the final mission through the Omega 4 portal. Throughout the game one was persuaded that it was a suicide squad. Accordingly, one is under tension not to do anything wrong and hopefully not to have forgotten anything. Because you don't want to lose any of your beloved companions.

I have already stated several times that I don't like ME2 as much as the other two parts because of the strong focus on recruitment and loyalty missions. But the DLCs can still tear something out. I especially remembered Liara's personal career in Lair of the Shadowbroker and the morally difficult mission in Arrival, where there was another haunting verbal confrontation with the Reapers. Mass Effect Column Source: PC Games

An End, Once and for All

Of course, there is no skimp with memorable moments in the third part either. Especially because many of the storylines of the predecessor are brought to an end here and your own decisions are decisive for the outcome. It doesn't always go without heartbreak when certain problems have to be brought to a happy end. Let's just take the genophage and the alleged victim of Mordin if one chooses to heal the krogan. Or the Geth vs. Quarian conflict. Depending on the decisions made, the risk of increased pressure on the lacrimal gland is significantly higher.

But "epicness" is not neglected either. The arrival of the united fleets of the galaxy in the solar system and the beginning of the battle with the reapers is still one of the coolest sci-fi moments for me, regardless of the medium. I could list a whole series of other moments here. The last conversation with Admiral Anderson, the great Citadel DLC, the sad goodbye to Thane and so on and so forth. I think I made it clear how Mass Effect, with its numerous memorable moments, has left lasting traces and will always be one of my favorite game universes.

How about you? Which moments do you particularly remember, have touched you emotionally and burned into your memory forever? Discuss with us in the comments section below this article. We look forward to your opinions.

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