Fortnite: Patch Notes for Update 16.40 - that's what you can expect this time

Fortnite: Patch Notes for Update 16.40 - that's what you can expect this time


Epic Games has released the Fortnite Update 16.40 as a download. The patch has been available since the current downtime: The battle royale shooter had to go offline temporarily this morning. Epic Games does not announce which changes and innovations the update will make this time either. However, fans have already gathered the first tangible information on Reddit and Twitter. The well-known Leaker Hypex reports about the new weapon "Marksman Six Shooter", which Epic hinted at when announcing today's downtime. The Wumme comes with a reload time of 2.1 seconds, a magazine size of 6 and causes damage of 24 to opponents.

New with Fortnite (buy now 37.81 €) Update 16.40 is also the Spire Guardian's Primal Assault Rifle, with which you deal 38 damage to opponents. There is also a new umbrella for the Daybreak-LTM. Patch 16.40 also brings new skins for the Battle Royale shooter, including Catwoman. You can also unlock a gold-colored Lara Croft. Further details on the new emotes, skins and other items can be found under this link on the Hypex Twitter channel.

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Fortnite offline: Update 16.40 comes today - server downtime, first patch information

Fortnite goes offline: Epic Games announces scheduled maintenance work for the Battle Royale Shooter on - today the update 16.40 comes. PC NSW XSX PS5 PS4 XBO X360 0

Fortnite: Epic planned skins for Metroid and Naruto and other concerts

According to current documents, Epic Games wanted to publish new skins for Metroid and Naruto in Fortnite. More concerts were also planned. 4

Sony charges fees for cross-play between platforms

Sony charges its cross-play partners as soon as players are more likely to make their purchases on other platforms. var lstExcludedArticleTicker = '1371883,1371849,1371465,1371456'; For Save the World, however, there is more information about the 16.40 update. "We want to look at some of the below-average effective hero perks and class abilities in the coming weeks and adjust their balance. This is a fairly long list of perks that we want to change a handful of with each swing. We hope we can make these changes at some point in the next season of Save the World and we look forward to your feedback, "write the developers on the Fortnite website.

Hybrid will return to the event shop on May 16, on Sea Wolf Jonesy follows May 23rd. The blunderbuss also celebrates a return to the players' inventories, firing a violent volley shot. There is also new information about the Fortnite Crew package for May 2021. This time, Deimos is there, who with his standard advantage Corrupted Aura during Shadow Stance causes six basic damage to nearby enemies per second. In addition to Deimos, the crew package for May also includes all the other items from the soon-to-be-released Neo-Underworld set: the back accessory Edge of Sorrow (the blade of a fallen traveler), the fateful pickaxe Hand of Sorrow, the soul-obsessed paint job Echo the damnation and the loading screen belonging to Deimos skull hunter.

Epic Reveals It Made $50 Million From One Set Of ‘Fortnite’ Skins



As a private company, we don’t often get a look into Epic’s financials, and yet during its trial against Apple, that has changed in a big way. And one number caught my eye, as it’s one of the first full views into the performance of an individual pack of skins, showing just how absurdly profitable Epic, its microtransactions and its IP deals can be.

Spotted by Protocol’s Nick Statt, Epic revealed that it sold 3.3 million NFL-branded skins during their run in November and December. Those skins were 1,500 V-bucks each, about $15 if you’re not accounting for bundles, so that’s around $50 million from a single set of skins. That deal encompassed all the NFL teams where you could choose your favorites to represent, though no actual real-life players were featured.

During the trial, Epic has previously revealed which of its collaborations with branded IPs have made them the most money, though they didn’t attach actual numbers to that chart:

However, if we know that third place NFL is $50 million, and those lines are anywhere close to accurate in general, we know that Star Wars made just over that and Marvel is close to double that, though that gets complicated with things like the entire battle pass being Marvel themed a few seasons back. Travis Scott by himself apparently made as much as the entire NFL deal, which is wild.

And of course, the vast majority of Epic’s skins are originals it creates in-house or increasingly, sources from its own players with an eye for design.



This is what’s at stake here, and why Apple doesn’t want to be giving away 30 percent cuts of these sales to Apple which Epic claims has sky-high profit margins it does not deserve, unlike console manufacturers with the same 70-30 split, but they’re selling hardware at a loss. Apple, meanwhile, has been trying to paint Epic as greedy and someone exploiting its young playerbase with this lawsuit being in part about easier accessibility of “impulse purchase” for its kid players.

We don’t know the exact terms of the deals Epic makes for all its IPs. They probably vary, and we don’t know if say, Ninja is sharing revenue on each of his skins sold, or if he got a one-time check for his likeness. So there are costs associated with the revenue here. But still, these are wild, wild numbers, and the trial has shown that Epic and Fortnite have been making more money than anyone ever thought.  

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