Dragon Ball: games, Blu-ray, t-shirts, posters, goodies ... Our selection of the best offers

Dragon Ball: games, Blu-ray, t-shirts, posters, goodies ... Our selection of the best offers

Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball: the best tips

First published in 1984 in the Weekly Shōnen Jump, Dragon Ball has crossed the ages and trends, making certain movements such as the Kamehameha cult. Expanding over time with new characters, new perspectives, Dragon Ball, which at first followed the adventures of young Goku, saw many clashes and many techniques.

The story begins with Goku after a meeting with Bulma while in search of the Dragon Balls, magical spheres, which, when reunited, allow to summon Shenron and ask him for a single wish. The series has been declined with Dragon Ball Z which continues to follow the adventures of the friends of Son Goku who became an adult since then. Dragon Ball will succeed him, and lately, the saga saw a revival with the series of Dragon Ball Super.

Whether it is through struggles and fierce battles against increasingly powerful fighters and monsters, the world of Dragon Ball has continued to enrich itself with more and more characters, places or even techniques. And the media telling the stories of Goku have also grown, whether in the form of films, DVDs or even video games. We are going to give you a summary of what is best in terms of video games, derivative products, accessories, figurines that bear the colors of the famous saga of Akira Toriyama.

Dragon Ball: the anime

Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z were best known through their anime adaptation. And those who were born in the 80s and 90s remember Club Dorothée and the regular broadcasting of the famous episodes that know how to make the suspense last. We have gathered here the integrals of several animes in order to discover or re-discover the adventures full of panache of the most famous (and powerful) fighter in pop culture.

Dragon Ball: the original series

This anthology contains the complete adventures of young Son Goku and his research, with Bulma, for the famous Dragon Ball balls. You will find in this Integral Collector 2 boxes containing 26 DVDs with the episodes in remastered and uncensored format in VF + VOST-FR.

Buy the complete Dragon Ball collector for € 119.99 instead of € 129.95 at Amazon

Dragon Ball Z: the base of the series

Find the complete series that propelled Goku and his gang to the rank of pop-culture icon. From the arrival of Radditz to the battles against the evil Buu, immerse yourself in the saga that has marked generations. Intense fights, surpassing oneself, Kaméhaméha, Genkidama and other attacks of Ki will rain on the path of the disciple of Tortoise Géniale. This collectible complete contains the episodes in a remastered and uncensored format.

Buy the complete Dragon Ball Z series at a price of 144.95 at Amazon

The compilation of movies and TV movies

Dragon Ball is also films and TV films introducing characters who only exist on reel or film. A insi, Broly, Janemba, Garlic or Slug come from these stand-alones. They are now grouped together in this compilation. The latter therefore contains:

SAGA DRAGON BALL: 1 - The legend of Shenron 2 - The demon's castle 3 - The mystical adventure 4 - The army of the Red Ribbon SAGA DRAGON BALL Z: 1 - Baddack against Frieza 2 - In pursuit of Garlic 3 - The Ice Robot 4 - The threat of Namec 5 - The Fratricidal fight 6 - The revenge of Cooler 7 - One hundred thousand metal warriors (Metal Cooler) 8 - The story of Trunks - 9 - The Cyborgs Offensive 10 - Broly the Super Warrior 11 - The Space Mercenaries (Bojack) 12 - Dangerous Rivals (Broly 2) 13 - Super Warrior Attack (Broly 3) 14 - Fusion (Janemba) 15 - L Attack of the Dragon (Tapion) SAGA DRAGON BALL GT: Legacy of the Hero Buy the Complete Dragon Ball Movies for 59.99 at Amazon

Dragon Ball Super: Revival of the Hero series

Dragon Ball Super is the new series currently being released which has brought the adventures of Super Warrior Goku up to date. The latter takes place four years after Buu's death, when peace has returned to Earth. This limited edition collector's compilation notably contains the complete episodes broadcast in blu-ray format in VF and VOST-FR, as well as 12 cardboard illustrations in A4 format and 3 posters in A2 format.

Buy the complete Dragon Ball Super for € 149.95 at Amazon

Dragon Ball: The Video Games

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot allows you to relive the story of Dragon Ball Z as Kakarot / Goku. Developed by CyberConnect2, the game reproduces the emblematic moments of the original work. It is possible to fly in a vast world that you will unlock by progressing in the adventure, to meet enemies, to accept quests, or to fish. The game is available on both PS4 and Xbox.

Buy Dragon Ball Z Kakarot on PS4 for € 29.99 at Fnac

Buy Dragon Ball Z Kakarot on Xbox for € 29.99 at Amazon

You can also turn to the collector's version of the title! The latter includes:

The complete game on PS4 The game artbook (25x30cm) The illustration of the game map (48x31cm) An exclusive diorama (20x20x20cm) The season pass Buy Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Collector on PS4 for € 129 at Micromania

Buy Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Collector for Xbox for € 129 at Micromania

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Dragon Ball FighterZ is a 2D fighting game developed by Arc System Works and published by Bandai Namco. This new adaptation of the Dragon Ball franchise features the iconic characters of the series in explosive 3 versus 3 clashes.

Buy Dragon Ball FighterZ on PS4 for € 34.99 at Fnac

Buy Dragon Ball FighterZ on Xbox One for € 19.99 at Cdiscount

Buy Dragon Ball FighterZ on Nintendo Switch for € 29.99 at Cdiscount

Dragon Ball: the figurines

On the side of Funko Pop!

Of course, Funko Pop! could not miss such a well-known license! You will find a plethora of characters in their various forms at Zavvi! Whether it's the Evil Buu, Gotenks SSJ3 or even Goku Black, you will find a lot of it. And Zavvi offers them for € 34.99 the 3 Funko Pop! purchased, a great opportunity to start or maintain your collection!

Take advantage of the Funko Pop 3 promotion! at € 34.99 at Zavvi

Dragon Ball: the Banpresto figurines

The figurines at Dragon Ball, it's a great story! And some franchises stand out clearly for their work, Banpresto is one of them. The latter is a toy and figurine manufacturing company that has become a subsidiary of Namco Bandai Holdings. Banpresto figurines are known and recognized for their authenticity, colors, details and the feeling of vitality that emanates from these figurines. You can find these at Zavvi which devotes an entire section of its site to this brand. Of course, you can find many Dragon Ball figurines there, each more striking with realism and authenticity than the next!

Discover the collection of Banpresto Dragon Ball figurines at Zavvi

Dragon Ball Z: Son Goku vs. Vegeta

"I will beat him!" I am a space warrior, the best warrior of my people, no one can stand up to me, no one can be stronger than me !! Nobody, do you hear ?! I am stronger than you miserable, I WILL DESTROY you !!! I will destroy you along with this damn planet, because there is no other way to end you, now I am determined to destroy the Earth !!!! "- Vegeta

-" You think I'll let you do it ?! »- Son Goku If there is one constant in the universe of Dragon Ball Z, it is the constant rivalry between Goku and Vegeta. Their oppositions and their different ways of considering their progress are diametrically different. Like Yin and Yang, they represent two sides of the same coin. This rivalry takes root as soon as they meet where Vegeta, then Mercenary in the pay of the Galactic Emperor Freeza, arrives on Earth and finds himself confronted with this earthly Saiyan. He, the fallen Prince of the planet Vegeta, could not stand up to this being, however, from the lower warrior castes. This visceral aversion reaches its paroxysm during the confrontation between the two protagonists, Vegeta having decided to destroy Goku and the Earth with it. We find all the intensity of this confrontation in the two statues that Tsume Art offers us.

First of all, the statue representing Vegeta. The latter is on a 1 / 6th scale and is equipped with LEDs making the scene even more impressive. Height in diorama: 73cm.

Discover the Tsume Dragon Ball Z statuette of Vegeta at Micromania

And of course, we find opposite Sangoku in his Kaio-Ken form. The latter, visibly dominated, will do everything to stop Vegeta and his Garlic Cannon. Also in 1 / 6th format, the latter faithfully represents Kaio's disciple then in full fight for his life and that of all earthlings. This statuette is also equipped with an LED system to make the moment more intense.

Discover the Tsume Dragon Ball Z statuette of Son Goku at Micromania

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