What is the best antivirus on the market? Let's see the test results

What is the best antivirus on the market? Let's see the test results

The pitfalls of the network are truly manifold and, in addition to companies, even ordinary users should pay attention to their online safety, both being careful not to click on potentially dangerous links and using software suitable for the purpose, such as antivirus. There are many products on the market, but which is the most reliable? Some laboratories and research institutes have carried out some tests to verify the validity of current programs, as reported on the blog by Kaspersky.

AV-Comparatives, an Austrian laboratory that has been testing security solutions for more than 20 years, has awarded Kaspersky Internet Security received the "Product of the Year" award for 2020, as it managed to outperform its competitors in terms of number of awards. In addition, it has also received a number of annual awards in each category based on the results obtained during the year for high real threat defense protections with minimal false positives.

AV-TEST GmbH, German institute of independent research specializing in computer security, tested the Kaspersky Internet Security suite on multiple operating systems (Windows, Android and macOS) and in all cases the test results were the best in the category. AV-Test also put Kaspersky Secure Connection to the test, where the product recorded the best data transfer speeds both between continents and for incognito browsing and the best throughput on torrent networks. Great success also for Kaspersky Safe Kids, software capable of blocking content not suitable for children with very few false positives.

Finally, SE Labs, a British laboratory that has only been active for five years, but which has renowned security expert Simon Edward as its founder, has awarded Kaspersky Internet Security AAA ratings in all four quarterly product tests for home users (Home Anti-Malware Protection Awards category), as well as consistently placing it first in the Total Accuracy Rating.

Kaspersky, confident in the quality of its security solutions, said it will continue to work actively to provide its customers with increasingly better products and whose reliability will be constantly monitored also by external independent tests.

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