Diablo immortal, proven: a new encounter with the Technical Alpha

Diablo immortal, proven: a new encounter with the Technical Alpha

Diablo immortal, proven

We told you about Diablo Immortal a few months ago during the first Technical Alpha and, even before, during a test directly from Blizzcon. In both cases, the final suggestion was to put aside the caustic feelings given by the arrival of the brand on mobile and give this new iteration of the hack 'n' slash lord at least a chance, in short, a way to be able to demonstrate to all the large group of fans that was not the classic mobile phone game but a real gargantuan production, ready to leave its mark.

Thus, returning for the third time to Sanctuary in a portable version could only be that definitive confirmation of what has been said in the past, with the addition of some details to revive the fire, starting from the return of the crusader and arriving at PvP, which has been quietly passed in recent months but which will be one of the flagship contents at launch. We must also admit, however, that playing knowing that we have to lose everything for the umpteenth time was a rather heavy brake on our initial momentum, an element that has however transformed over time into a food for thought in our view more than interesting. Let's see why.

A new class in your hands

Unlike the last test, where we mainly used the Barbarian, the Crusader was the dominant class for this technical alpha. The Crusader had been our choice as the main character on Diablo III too, but very few levels were enough to notice a complete distortion of the hero.

From irreproachable statuesque tank to an exaggerated damage machine, with excellent mobility thanks to the new steed and the ability to generate AoE abilities practically on all visible play area. As if this were not enough, there is persistent damage, blindness and confusion effects and there is no shortage of stuns and stuns for a three hundred and sixty degree control of the enemy hordes. Also due to the level of difficulty calibrated downwards, the only negative element probably of the whole test, we had no problems making our way between the new game regions and the relative bosses, giving us hope for a natural increase in the difficulty without having to wait for the "Hell" levels where things should at least get a little more interesting.

End game customization is great! The new alpha has also increased the level cap up to level 55, stopping just five levels before the fateful sixty that we will then have on the full game. Here, unfortunately, the strong feeling of wasting time, given that, if it is true that the game system works and is pleasant, it is the taste for growth and continuous improvement of the character that we have seen failing, aware that from here our progress would soon be wiped out with a swipe of the sponge. Despite this terrible feeling, the desire to go back to the servers every now and then and do a special level, a rift with the bosses or some daily activity has always been there in the last week, a signal that can only turn on a light bulb when you have to talk dependence on the game system, a word perhaps a little strong and exaggerated, but capable of immediately making it clear how greedy the activities are to be repeated over and over: first for the experience points and then for the search for that legendary of which just not we can do without for our build.

To add some spice Blizzard then thought of introducing two complete new regions, a steppe and a frozen tundra with a lot of new dungeons and final bosses, settings as always extremely well-finished and sufficient to bring that variety necessary to wander from the classic dungeons crammed with undead and tombs of sorts.

End game activities as if they rain

The Barbarian is always a fury Blizzard has also decided to finally introduce PvP, absent in Diablo III but revived on Immortal to be something more than a simple duel between challengers. Players will thus be able to take sides in two opposing factions: Immortals or Shadows and duel with blows and spells in a sort of persistent and continuous clash on the server they belong to. The Immortals were created to protect Sanctuary from hell, however Shadows were also created to maintain balance, so as to continually test the immortals and ensure that no undeserving guards Sanctuary for long, in a cycle. I continue to see the winners and losers constantly swapping roles throughout the seasons. The rewards are numerous and particular, especially for the Immortals who will be able to remain such and sit in the highest ranks, even being able to aspire to have a dedicated statue within the server in case you are elected leader of the immortals.

The hope is that Immortal does not fall into the trap of pay to win The Immortals will also have access to a specific dungeon to complete: you can collaborate with other 47 players in a raid where you can defeat four different bosses, capable of to power up as soon as one of the "brothers" should receive a fatal blow. At this point, coordination and collaboration with the other players becomes very important, trying to take down the four opponents in unison, similar to what happened with the Ahn'Qiraj Bug Trio on World of Warcraft. The Shadows, on the other hand, will be able to test the Immortals by trying to steal their rewards by carrying out real raids against the treasure chests and taking possession of them. In case the PvP is not enough, and you will forgive us if some mechanics to date are still a bit obscure but the time available in alpha is really very tight to actively participate in these events, then there are new dungeons where you can test your powers. , perhaps challenging new bosses or bosses with unique abilities, with a virtually infinite potential for expansion of the challenges.

The new dungeon is called Helliquary and according to Blizzard itself it will be a real hell to face, requiring an above-average equipment preparation. Within the new instance a new boss will be waiting for you every month and, with his defeat, you will be able to get bonuses and unique items that cannot be earned in any other way, certainly a worthy challenge for those who want to squeeze the most Diablo Immortal.

What has emerged in recent days on Diablo Immortal is truly incredible. If we put together all the contents that came with this alpha and compare them with Diablo III, the third chapter comes out with broken bones. PvP really looks like a bombshell and remains an optional choice in case you weren't interesting but with each passing month the PvE-only activities continue to expand and improve. Doubts remain on the balance of the classes, at the moment completely in favor of the demon hunter for example and there are still details on all the contents of the season pass that we sincerely hope will not move the bar of the title towards pay to win, a risk that could be particularly concrete at the time of writing. We will continue in the coming weeks to keep you updated on the news of this alpha so please continue to follow us because there are still plenty of things hidden in the bowels of Sanctuary.


The new version Crusader is awesome to play Pvp looks mammoth Tons of new endgame activities DOUBTS Will they be able to balance everything? The specter of pay to win is always around the corner Have you noticed any mistakes?

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