Battlefield 6: first images and new details leaked

Battlefield 6: first images and new details leaked

Battlefield 6

There is a lot of talk about Battlefield 6 rumors and rumors, which refer to a multitude of maps, the battle royale, the setting and much more. In the last few hours, however, new information and even two images seem to have leaked. First among these would be the choice of publishing the battle royale version of the game after launch and making it free-to-play, thus following the model adopted by Activision with Call of Duty: Warzone.

The insider Tom Henderson said that we can therefore expect a stand alone game published with a different release date and title from that of Battlefield 6. According to the same, we can expect a publication during 2022, so long after the official planned launch of the sixth chapter. This choice, he continues, would allow EA and DICE to "solidify the community" and guarantee post-launch support with paid DLC.

Electronic Arts would have decided to focus on developing a competitive multiplayer experience only later , choosing to centralize the work on Battlefield 6, the battle royale and the creation of DLC. As for the title itself, however, Henderson himself reveals that we will see a dynamic weather and the day / night cycle, as well as a much more realistic destructibility of environments. We will be able to destroy entire cities thanks to much more modern armaments, thus increasing the level of realism of Battlefield 6.

To be very interesting, however, are two images leaked online in the last few hours: with a post on Twitter, Tom Henderson confirmed they were taken directly from Battlefield 6. We can therefore see a first hint of the UI, the size of the environments, the use of drones and vehicles and the aforementioned dynamic weather. It would appear that they are screenshots of an internal conference, passed for many people until someone decided to make them public.

However, it is currently difficult to confirm or deny the authority of these images, given that official information regarding the title are few and nil. So many good news are coming for fans of the series, now that three chapters seem to be in development: Battlefield 6, the battle royale version and the mobile version. In order not to miss any updates on this issue, we advise you to stay connected on our pages!

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Battlefield 6 Images Apparently Leak, Show Massive Storms And Rocket Ship

We've previously heard reports that the next Battlefield game--which may or may not be called Battlefield 6--will be returning to modern-day combat, and allegedly leaked screenshots appear to confirm this. Not only that, but it looks like the weather will play a big role in the game's environmental destruction.

Images apparently taken from the game by Twitter user Tom Henderson (via VGC), which we've also seen as a very short video, show an enormous beachside city with a storm approaching from the ocean. You can see them with the links above, should you not mind the surprise being spoiled.

Several air vehicles that appear to be troop-transport helicopters are coming from the other side, and one side of the map is covered in grass and trees on top of a cliff. The other side features a few tall buildings, which will almost certainly be destructible for some of the series' signature 'Only in Battlefield' moments.

The other image also features a big storm, though it isn't clear if it's the same area. From the player's cockpit, we can see a big rocket ship waiting to blast off, and there are a few large metal towers on the sides.

Battlefield, particularly Battlefield 4, put a very large emphasis on big destruction moments during multiplayer matches in a system called 'Levolution.' More than just enhanced destruction, this feature caused a giant central structure like a skyscraper to collapse and transform part of the map, adding a strategic element to the chaos. It appears storms could be playing a role in this feature's return--or something close to it--for Battlefield 6.

Battlefield 6 will feature more players than we've ever seen in a Battlefield game before, and EA is also producing a mobile Battlefield game that will be completely separate. This game won't arrive until 2022, and it's being developed by Industrial Toys rather than DICE.

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