More than just Mario: Nintendo games that you should have played!

More than just Mario: Nintendo games that you should have played!

More than just Mario

First of all: Such a list is always subjective, especially because you can of course never take into account all the great games from the long Nintendo history. We tried to list not just the best, but also the most influential games of the NES, SNES, Game Boy, and N64 era. As always, you are cordially invited to express your opinion, we look forward to your comments under the article! For the titles, we state how you can experience them today without original hardware (and what that costs). Many games are not available in the Switch eShop, but only on the 3DS or the Wii U - give us more classics on the Switch, dear boys and girls from Nintendo!

Table of Contents

Page 1 Nintendo Games You Should Have Played Page 1 - NES 1.1 NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) 1.1.1 Mega Man 1.1.2 Super Mario Bros. 3 1.1 .3 Contra 1.1.4 Punch-Out !! 1.1.5 The Legend of Zelda 1.1.6 Metroid 1.1.7 Castlevania 1.1.8 ExciteBike Page 2 Nintendo Games You Should Have Played Page 2 - SNES 2.1 NES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) 2.1.1 Chrono Trigger 2.1.2 Secret of Mana 2.1.3 The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 2.1.4 Donkey Kong Country 2.1.5 Earthbound 2.1.6 Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars 2.1.7 The Lost Vikings 2.1.8 Super Mario World 2.1.9 F-Zero 2.2 Super Metroid 2.2.1 Super Mario Kart Page 3 Nintendo games that you should have played Page 3 - Game Boy / Game Boy Color 3.1 Game Boy and Game Boy Color 3.1.1 The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening 3.1.2 Kirby's Dream Land 3.1.3 Pokémon 3.1.4 Tetris 3.1.5 Gargoyle's Quest 3.1.6 Super Mario Land 3.1.7 Rayman 3.1.8 Stranded Kids 3.1.9 Oracle of Seasons / Oracle of Ages 3.1.10 Pokémon Trading Card Game 3.1.11 Harvest Moon 3.1.12 Shantae Page 4 Nintendo Games You Should Have Played Page 4 - N64 4.1 N64 (Nintendo 64) 4.1.1 Conker's Bad Fur Day 4.1.2 M ario Kart 64 4.1.3 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 4.1.4 Super Smash Bros. 4.1.5 Perfect Dark 4.1.6 Majora's Mask 4.1.7 Starcraft 64 4.1.8 Mario Party 4.1.9 Banjo-Kazooie 4.1.10 Super Mario 64 Page 5 Image gallery for "More than just Mario: Nintendo games that you played ... Unfold And one more thing: When we mention the release date, we mean the European release. At that time, games in Japan sometimes came on the market years before. But now we're going to take you on a journey through the best of Nintendo history!

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NES (Nintendo Entertainment System)

It starts with the console that helped Nintendo make its breakthrough.

Mega Man

More than just Super Mario: Nintendo games that you should have played! (24) Source: Capcom No financial success, but groundbreaking for Capcom and players: the first Mega Man from 1987.

In this challenging Jump & Run you can freely choose the order of the levels and switch skills by defeating the bosses free. Almost all of the numerous successors work according to this blueprint! A milestone: As the first Capcom game, the title was not developed for arcade machines, but for home consoles. Great playability, great music - you can download the title on Wii U or 3DS for around five euros.

Super Mario Bros. 3

One of the best games for the NES - the Mario adventures from 1991 should not be missing from the list.

New transformations, multiplayer support, an ingenious mixture of skill and brains: Super Mario Bros. 3 was well received worldwide and came close to the idea of ​​the (for the time) perfect video game. And that also in Europe, although the SNES was already in front of the door for the 1991 release. In Japan, Super Mario Bros. 3 was released two years earlier. You can play this timeless classic online via Nintendo Switch or via the NES Classic Mini.


More than just Super Mario: Nintendo games that you should have played! (8) Source: Konami Action, Action, Action - Contra from 1990 was originally an arcade game.

In Europe it was called Contra Probotector, but behind it hides the same action fireworks as in Japan, just with robo-heroes. Konami optionally sent two players on varied shooting missions. This is one of the reasons the game was so popular - there were few console co-op games back then! The Konami code was already used here and gave 30 lives after entering it. If you want to play Contra today, you can grab the Collection for 20 euros.

Punch-Out !!

More than just Super Mario: Nintendo games that you should have played! (26) Source: Nintendo One of the most iconic Nintendo games of all time dates back to 1990 and is all about boxing!

The NES game is based on the arcade machine of the same name and was advertised for three years with boxer Mike Tyson. After the license expired, Nintendo removed all references to the athlete. By the way, the protagonist Little Mac was not born until the implementation on the NES - the developers had made the hero on the console smaller and gave him this nickname. Today there are hardly any boxing games, back then it was punch-out !! a big hit. Punch out !! is included on the NES Mini, but without Mike Tyson.

The Legend of Zelda

More than just Super Mario: Nintendo games you should have played! (56) Source: Nintendo The start of a great heroic story: The first The Legend of Zelda appeared in Europe in 1988.

Collect the Triforce splinters, save Zelda, defeat Ganon: Good things can be so simple! The beginning of the Zelda saga, which is one of the largest video game brands in the world today, delighted millions of gamers worldwide even then. Link's first adventure also laid the foundation for a genre that has become an integral part of the world of video games today, that of action role-playing games. Practical: The Legend of Zelda is included with a subscription to Nintendo Online.


More than just Super Mario: Nintendo games that you should have played! (25) Source: Nintendo And in addition to Zelda, another game that practically founded a genre: Metroid from 1988.

The producer of the action adventure was none other than Gunpei Yokoi - the inventor of the Game Boy! As the heroine Samus, you explore the dangerous planet Zebes and unlock new paths by acquiring new skills. A gameplay that today represents its own genre and bears the name Metroidvania, as a tribute to the great role model of the NES. Like many titles on this page, Metroid is featured on Nintendo Switch Online.


More than just Super Mario: Nintendo games you should have played! (3) Source: Konami A financial success and an all-round great adventure: Konami's Castlevania from 1987.

Konami is a shadow of itself today, but things went better back then: The action platformer Castlevania sold brilliantly and impressed them Players with its dense horror atmosphere, a whip as a weapon and a cool vampire hunter in the lead role. This was followed by dozens of successful sequels that sometimes borrowed a few Metroidvania elements in terms of gameplay from neighbor Samus. You can download this milestone in the Collection for 20 euros or individually in the version from Arcade Archives for seven euros.


More than just Super Mario: Nintendo games that you played should have! (12) Source: Nintendo Older than Link and Samus, but much less known today: Excitebike from 1986.

Like many games on the NES, Excitebike has its roots in the arcade halls. The motocross racing game was the launch title for Nintendo's console and, among other things, caused enthusiasm among the players with the option to build your own tracks. Such an editor is not a matter of course even with today's console racers! The last part of the series appeared in 2009 for the Wii. You can download the first Excitebike for seven euros.

The SNES continues on page 2!

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