Almost all of Italy is in the yellow zone: the map of the regions from 17 May

Almost all of Italy is in the yellow zone: the map of the regions from 17 May

Almost all of Italy is in the yellow zone

Only the Aosta Valley remains in orange. Here are what reopenings are planned, while a new relaxation of the restrictions is being discussed

(Photo: Massimo Di Vita / Getty Images) From today, Monday 17 May, based on data from the control room monitoring of the Higher Institute of health (Iss), and as confirmed in the ordinance signed by the health minister Roberto Speranza, Sicily and Sardinia pass from the orange to the yellow zone, bringing almost all of Italy to yellow. The only exception is the Aosta Valley, which still remains in the orange zone.

In the last week, the epidemiological trend has significantly improved throughout the peninsula. All regions are under the alert thresholds, infections and hospitalizations are decreasing and, for the first time since October, deaths have decreased to below 100 per day in the last 24 hours.

Thanks also to the progress of the vaccination campaign, the regions have asked the government to relax the criteria for deciding the change of colors and therefore the imposition of restrictive measures, in particular with respect to the postponement of the curfew from 10 pm to 11 pm. Today, the control room will meet to decide on these issues.

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Rules for yellow zones

Between regions yellow and white there are no travel restrictions, while to and from the orange and red areas will be allowed through the so-called "green certification". All other trips within the region are also allowed, including visits to relatives, partners and friends, once a day, for a maximum of 4 people in addition to children under 14, between 22 and 5.

Nurseries, kindergartens, elementary and middle schools will resume teaching in person at 100%. High schools, on the other hand, must guarantee teaching in the presence of 70% to 100% of the student population. Regional presidents will be able to intervene with ordinances that suspend teaching in attendance only in the event of an extremely high risk of contagion. The universities will guarantee regular training activities for all course years. Libraries and study rooms are open.

You can return to eat at the table in bars and restaurants, but only in the open spaces and within the times established by the curfew.

It is possible to go to the cinema and attend theatrical performances and concerts, both outdoors and indoors, by booking your ticket in advance, to avoid queues at the box office. The indoor capacity will be reduced to 50%, for a maximum of 500 people, while the presence of a number not exceeding a thousand people will be allowed outdoors. A distance of one meter between one place and another must be guaranteed, unless the spectators are living together.

It is allowed to practice any kind of outdoor sporting activity, including contact and contact activities. team.

Rules for orange zones

Movement between other regions and provinces is allowed for people with “green certification”. All movements within the municipal area are allowed, even for visits to relatives, partners and friends, once a day, for a maximum of 4 people in addition to children under 14, between 22 and 5. You can leave your municipality in case of need or to carry out activities or use services suspended or not present in your municipality. Movements from municipalities with a population not exceeding 5 thousand inhabitants and for a distance not exceeding 30 kilometers are allowed, with the exception of provincial capitals.

For schools and universities the same rules apply as for the yellow zone.

Physical activity is allowed only within one's own municipality, in individual form. Exhibitions, museums and other places of culture follow the same rules as for the red zone. All shops are open, including shopping centers, but they are closed on weekends and public holidays. For bars and restaurants the same rules apply as for the red zone.

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