Verizon Business and Deloitte bring 5G to retail

Verizon Business and Deloitte bring 5G to retail
A platform that leveraging the potential of 5G and Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) can offer those operating in the retail sector greater efficiency in sales operations, improving the customer experience: this is what is made available by the collaboration between Verizon Business and Deloitte.

5G and MEC for retail: the Verizon-Deloitte platform

The operation is based on the almost real-time analysis of data relating to the activity of the store in order to increase engagement of customers, efficiency in warehouse management and more generally the productivity of the resources used. The partnership signed by the two companies with SAP will lead to the integration of the platform in the Customer Activity Repository and S / 4HANA suite, thus intervening on turnover, cost of products and return on sales.

In other words, monitoring, analytics and insights with the support of video and sensors, artificial intelligence, augmented reality and 5G networks to bring automation to stores, distribution centers and warehouses. This is the comment of Tami Erwin, CEO of Verizon Business.

It is an exciting time to present the results of the collaboration we are pursuing with Deloitte and SAP in the retail sector. We are entering a revolutionary technology-driven era, just as all retailers are looking to accelerate their digital transformation, increase productivity and improve the customer experience. We are poised to open the doors of the revolutionary 5G network and our mobile edge computing platform, and look forward to helping our customers rethink everything from their employee experience to end customer use cases to supply chain.

Among the use cases under development one refers to how to manage the exhaustion of stocks on the shelves. The platform in question generates automatic notifications for shop employees and alerts the distribution centers asking for other pieces to be sent. An optimization that has the consequence of allowing those involved in sales to focus more on the relationship with customers, avoiding wasting time with logistical issues. We conclude with the words of Anthony Stephan, Head of LLP Consulting and Head of US Consulting for the consumer sector at Deloitte.

The fact that 5G and MEC allow to eliminate any problems associated with the sales experience and to improve resource productivity is expected to have a disruptive impact on the retail sector. Thanks to our collaboration with Verizon Business and SAP, we are now able to efficiently and effectively address the concerns of retailers, ensuring a world-class digital transformation experience, with the speed of response and execution that of 5G technology.

Source: Verizon

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