PS5: artificial intelligence adapts to the player in Sony's new patent

PS5: artificial intelligence adapts to the player in Sony's new patent
A new generation of hardware inevitably brings with it many innovations of different types, with a technological fervor every time to be discovered. As for PS5 we have repeatedly discussed the speed of the SSD, the sound management with the Tempest 3D AudioTech and the features that animate the DualSense.

According to a patent registered in June 2020 and made public last January 28, Sony Interactive Entertainment would now also be thinking of an artificial intelligence able to dynamically adapt the difficulty of video games. The registered patent refers to a machine learning system that would allow you to change the degree of challenge in a dynamic way. An artificial intelligence that should intervene in particular during boss fights, acting on the opponent's behavior according to the actions performed by the player. The enemy could increase or decrease their aggression and modify their attack patterns, in order to ensure a tailor-made experience on how different types of users play.

Learning the player's behavior on the field of battle the bosses could adjust their approach to combat in real time, for example by granting more or less wide response windows or by carrying out attacks that highlight the weak points according to the desired challenge. A way to offer video games capable of going far beyond the canonical levels of difficulty we have been used to over the years. It should be specified that the patent still speaks of an optional system, which can be implemented freely and directly by the end user. In short, an extra tool for adding nuances, rather than a real point of no return.

In hindsight, it is not the first time that a similar rumor has spread about the PlayStation 5. In the spring of 2019, PS5 patents had emerged that spoke of Deep Learning, adaptive difficulty and changes to the experience videogame, such as the ability to automatically delete tutorials from the games of more experienced users. It is however good to specify that, even in the case of the latest patent, a registration must absolutely not be exchanged for the anticipation of an ongoing behavior. In other words, Sony may or may not actually implement such AI, although the prospect would certainly be fascinating.

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