The Vatican has accepted (more or less) the use of Covid-19 vaccines made from cells from aborted fetuses

The Vatican has accepted (more or less) the use of Covid-19 vaccines made from cells from aborted fetuses

The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Catholic Faith has published a note explaining the official position of the Vatican regarding the use of abortive cellular material for the production of anti Covid-19 vaccines

(photo: IPA) After that some bishops and Catholic anti-abortion groups have raised several moral concerns about Covid-19 vaccines, the Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has issued a note, approved by Pope Francis, which argues that it is morally acceptable to receive vaccines that " they used cell lines of aborted fetuses in their research and in the production process ".

Specifically, since" there are differentiated responsibilities of cooperation in evil ", using this type of vaccine for the Vatican is acceptable" when ethically unexceptionable vaccines against Covid-19 are not available ". In a case like this, the use by researchers of cellular material derived from two fetuses (voluntarily aborted in the last century) is not the same as cooperating with abortion.

In short, for the Catholic Church, the the exceptional circumstances in which we find ourselves justify the use of these vaccines, but this does not apply indiscriminately. In fact, "the lawful use of such vaccines does not and must not involve in any way a moral approval of the use of cell lines originating from aborted fetuses", as well as of the practice of abortion in general: the note from the Vatican Congregation asks, therefore, "both pharmaceutical companies and government health agencies to produce, approve, distribute and offer ethically acceptable vaccines that do not create problems of conscience, neither to health workers, nor to the vaccinators themselves". A moral imperative that the Church adds to that of making coronavirus vaccines "accessible to even the poorest countries and in a way that is not costly for them".

However, given that vaccination "must be voluntary", in the view of St. Peter, those who "for reasons of conscience refuse vaccines produced with cell lines originating from aborted fetuses, must make every effort to avoid to become vehicles of transmission of the infectious agent ".

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