Immune, now the positivity is signaled by the call center

Immune, now the positivity is signaled by the call center
An important novelty for the Immuni system has been active for a few hours, namely the possibility of reporting one's positivity by motu proprio, through the appropriate call center: this is what it can be used for and how we can still give meaning to the project, despite the delays , despite the controversy, despite everything.

Immune: how the signaling method changes

The real novelty of the Immuni project lies in the fact that as of today its possible positivity to a confirmation should no longer be reported through the ASLs (the real Achilles heel of this first phase of the app's life), but you can also proceed through a national call center launched under the control of Commissioner Arcuri and today managed directly by the Ministry for technological innovation and Di gitalization. The hope is clearly to make a hub that has so far completely annihilated the ambitions of the app much more efficient, minimizing the positivity reported to the system by the ASLs and thus nullifying the possibility of putting the application to the test.

This is the number of the national call center: 800 91 24 91.

Explain the official website in your FAQ:

This operation must be carried out with the support of the operator healthcare provider who communicated the positive result of the swab to you, or with the support of the call center operator 800 91 24 91, if you took the test in one of the regions or autonomous provinces where the call center service is active, i.e. Campania , Lombardy, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Molise, Trento.

For greater clarity:

The call center 800 91 24 91 provides information on the operation of the Immuni app and, starting from 21 December 2020, also supports citizens in uploading positivity data and unlocking the App. This new service is was established by the Ministry of Health under article 20 of the decree-law of 28 October 2020, n 137. The call center is aimed at both citizens and healthcare professionals, with two different dedicated channels.

How make the report through the call center

To unblock the notification to your contacts you must have made a molecular swab (the antigenic ones are not considered valid). It works like this:

When you call the call center, you will be guided to unlock Immuni: you will first be asked to communicate your CUN, through which the operator will verify your actual positivity; then you will need to communicate your Health Card number, through which your identity will be verified, and finally, by communicating the disposable code you find in the "report positivity" section of the app, you will be authorized to enter your positivity data.

In order to validate the report to the call center, it is necessary to have both the secret code provided by the app and the CUN (National Unique Code) which uniquely identifies the result of the buffer. Both data will be provided to the call center operator so that he can unblock notifications on departure

The reporting via the call center, however, is currently valid only in Lombardy, Campania, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Molise and in the autonomous province of Trento: some regions will be added starting from January, others subsequently. If the ASL wishes or can deal directly with the report, however, the procedure remains absolutely valid and avoids the person concerned the additional burden of reporting his positivity to the system when there are already other concerns to attend to.

From now on, one of the bottlenecks that stopped Immuni in recent months will be gradually eliminated. If the reports of positivity will increase more than in proportion to the progress of the pandemic in the country, it will mean that there is an additional defense on which to rely to calm the "third wave". If so, even if in extremis, something Immune will have served. Otherwise it will simply remain a case to be studied in the future.

These are the numbers to start from: 10.06 million active downloads, 6931 positive users, 82504 notifications sent.

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