PS5: new development on the Euromediashop case, the warehouse seems to be closed

PS5: new development on the Euromediashop case, the warehouse seems to be closed
PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are unavailable, yet Euromediashop has 500 Sony consoles available to sell below cost, specifically PS5 costs 419 euros while PS5 Digital has a price of 349 euros and the same can be said for Xbox Series X / S. Before continuing to read, important note: we do not recommend crazy orders on this site until the situation is clearer and DDay colleagues have had the opportunity to visit live the warehouse with stocks, as indicated in the original article .

The site dedicated an editorial to the story, also interviewing the owner of the warehouse, Christian Ciciriello, who, it is specified, was very helpful in answering the editorial staff's questions.

Ciciriello states that the below cost in question is part of a marketing strategy to make the Euromediashop brand known in Northern Italy, with over 90,000 euros invested in advertising in the Lombardy region alone. But how is it possible that an online shop active from October 2020 has 500 PS5s available? "Because while Mediaworld and Euronics pre-ordered, and then sold all the PS5s under reservation, Euromediashop kept them in stock because no one would trust to pay in advance for something that would be delivered after several months. We have 500 Playstation 5 available. "

The consoles, Ciciriello points out, were not purchased directly from Sony but from other retailers who in turn bought them from Sony Italy, all products have an Italian warranty. It is possible to collect the PS5 directly in stock but only from December 22 onwards, this is the first date available for appointments.

DDay then asks for information about the accepted payment methods, among which PayPal is not included due to the high commissions applied by the platform. Finally Ciciriello invites the editorial staff to visit the warehouse and reiterates how the company has existed for a long time and last year had a turnover of 150,000 euros, despite the fact that the Euromediashop site was only opened in October 2020.

Nota Bene - We have disabled the comments under the news to prevent the discussion from escalating with disrespectful comments towards Euromediashop and Mr. Christian Ciciriello. We report the news for the record, we do not have direct contacts with the company but we are trying to get in touch with the company, anyone with news of any kind can contact us at

Update - DDay presents new developments on the Euromediashop affair, also publishing reports from some readers who have ordered a PS5 via WhatsApp and paid by bank transfer, only to see any communication interrupted. Those who have opted for collection in the warehouse with payment on site have instead seen this message arrive: "Good morning dear customer for the high number of messages we are receiving, we guarantee an answer within 24 hours. All the items on the site are available for immediate delivery. Thank you Euromediashop staff. "

DDay has contacted Euromediashop again, the owner does not seem to be available on the phone and does not give interviews, an employee of the company says that" we have over 4000 emails to reply to, they are too many, we can't keep up with them. "Finally, it has not yet been possible for the magazine to make an appointment to visit the warehouse. For the moment, the advice is not to place any orders and not to make advance payments until the situation is clarified.

Update # 2 - DDay colleagues have also collected other reports on the Euromediashop case, apparently the warehouse is closed and the Euromediashop sign outside the gate is no longer present. In the meantime the flyers flood the city of Milan, as confirmed by the editorial staff.

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