Little Nightmares 2: Solving the chess riddle in Chapter 2

Little Nightmares 2: Solving the chess riddle in Chapter 2
In Little Nightmares 2, a horror puzzle game from Tarsier Studios, the puzzles to solve are many and require skill and creativity in equal measure. Some must necessarily be overcome in order to continue in the adventure of Mono and Six: the one of the chessboard in chapter 2 must be solved to obtain a very important key.

How to solve the chess puzzle

This puzzle arrives pretty quickly in the game, being in the middle of the second chapter, that of the school. To solve it, you will have to put three chess pieces back together (a king, a queen and a rook) but, while the game itself provides the visual solution, it may not be easy. Here's how you need to proceed to take as little time as possible and retrieve the key you need to continue.

The projector screen

After you have managed to escape from the teacher, you will find yourself climbing up the stairs to an upstairs room. To open the door you will have to assemble a chess piece that serves to reach the handle; inside, you will be greeted by a creepy extra-large chessboard.

Head down to the right along a short corridor that will take you just below a projector screen hanging on the wooden wall. Jump and hang on the handle to make it roll upwards, thus discovering the solution to the chess puzzle thanks to a drawing that was hidden behind.

The tower

Go back and exit from the room: the tower is the very piece you used to open the door at the beginning. Collect it and place it on the left black square closest to the table.

The king

Now use the newly positioned tower to climb on the left table and thus reach the second piece of the puzzle, the re. Once you get it, jump down and place it on the piece in the center of the board.

Now go back to the tower. Take the top of the piece and take it to the other side of the board to place it on the white piece in the middle, on the right edge of the game board.

The Queen

Now head back to bottom right, where you saw the wall with the solution drawn. There is a small table under the window on the right, climb there and take the last piece, the queen. Bring it back to the board and place it on the piece under the table on the left, right where you placed the rook first. Once done, you will see a wall lamp light up on the right wall of the room.

The key

Head right and use the tower to climb onto the table under the lamp. Jump and grab onto it, causing it to snap: this will open a secret door behind the shelves at the back of the room, which hides the key inside. Retrieve it and go back downstairs to unlock the door and proceed!

Now you know how to solve the chess puzzle in Chapter 2. There are many collectibles in the game: among our pages you will also find a guide to find Little Nightmares 2 hats.

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