Bud Spencer action figure 1: 6 by Inifinite Statue: Review

Bud Spencer action figure 1: 6 by Inifinite Statue: Review

Bud Spencer action figure 1

We reviewed the brand new Bud Spencer action figure 1: 6, born from the collaboration between Infinite Statue and Kaustic Plastic, two Italian brands specialized in collectible action figures. Infinite Statue is not new to products linked to the old myths of cinema and has recently proposed several protagonists of Italian cinema, even aboard their historic cars such as Fantozzi and Bianchina, Bud Spencer and Dunebuggy or the series dedicated to Carlo Verdone with the first issue dedicated to Pasquale Amitrano and the Alfa Sud. But let's go back to talking about this action figure, after having talked about it a few months ago on the occasion of the announcement by the companies, finally the product was released on the market and we managed to analyze it for you.


Bud Spencer and Terence Hill Before the Cinecomics the cinema was already full of Super Heroes, they didn't wear cloaks, they didn't have superpowers and they didn't wear spandex suits but they had spurs, dirty shirts and boots and a holster with a gun ready to shoot the wanted man. Bud Spencer and Terence Hill were the childhood heroes of many of us and "They Called Him Trinity" is the cult film that has influenced more than a generation and contributed to the success of Spaghetti Westerns in Italy and abroad. In the 1970 film Bud Spencer, born Carlo Pedersoli, plays Child, brother of Trinity (Terence Hill). Child, after being a horse thief, takes the place of the sheriff of a quiet town in the old Far West, everything goes on quietly until Trinity returns to his life. Child has a nickname, the left hand of the Devil, thanks to his ability to kill enemies with a gun. The success of "They Called Him Trinity" led the producers to make a sequel titled "... They kept calling him Trinity" bringing the duo of Bud Spencer and Terence Hill back to the screen once again.

Packaging and Blister

The Packaging of the figure includes a series of matryoshka packaging starting from the Brown Box and reaching the transparent blister. In the outermost part we find the cardboard Brown Box (brown ... who would have thought that huh?) Which contains the main information and the various company logos. Immediately below we find the product name, category and other general info. Once opened we will find the box wrapped in a transparent plastic wrap. The box, made of thin cardboard, has a Western-style design and on the front features only a Bud Spencer logo accompanied by the title of the figure and a replica of his autograph, all very minimal. On both sides there is a photo of Bud's figure on one side and again the logo of the line dedicated to him. The back is equally minimalist but presents what are the main information of the product and in addition the list of the creative team, at the bottom we find the color logos of the companies plus social information and the logo of Cosmic Group, which distributes the product in Italy .

This wrapper is actually a slipcase that slides over the actual box, the latter has a transparent window that allows us to see the blister inside. The blister, that is where figures and accessories are placed with detail and precision, is made of transparent plastic and contains the figure of Bud Spencer already dressed in fabric clothes with a vintage effect, a set of three pairs of alternative hands that are added to those with closed fists supplied, a Colt 1851 pistol made of metal, a sawed-off shotgun in metal, a deluxe pedestal with stand and a wanted poster in 1/6 scale. What remains to be said? Oh yeah, leather boots, leather belt and holster, metal spurs, buckle and bullets, a crazy thing!

Bud Spencer: Action Figure 1: 6

Finally analyzing the figure we discover that in addition to being articulated with more than 28 articulated points, it is 31.5 cm high without the base while 33.5 cm with the addition of it. The figure is 1/6 scale, just like those made by Sideshow, Hot Toys and other international brands. Bud Spencer action figure 1: 6 sees the collaboration of a highly respected creative team composed of Fabio Berruti (Infinite Statue) and Fabio Varesi (Kaustic Plastic) in the role of Artistic Directors. The sculpture of the face was entrusted to the 3d Spanish Artist Inigo Gil while the accessories are the result of the work of Sean Dabbs (who made the rifle and pistol) and Daniele "Danko" Angelozzi (who created the sheriff's star and the shirt pattern The final decoration, the icing on the cake, was entrusted to Dario Barbera who had already worked on the statue of Bud Spencer produced by the Infinite Statue itself.

Bud's body was made taking into account the physicality of the actor, with a chest specially created for the occasion with the help of archival material and from behind the scenes of the film They called him Trinity. Getting familiar with the figure we notice that the joints are quite stiff, not that it's bad either clear but we write it only because you have to be aware that it is not a toy and if you are a beginner, avoid straining the joints more than necessary. You can avoid doing damage by keeping u A common hair dryer with which you can soften the joints safely. The same goes for the hands when you go to change, both when you go to remove and insert the new hands we advise you to use great caution. Aesthetically, the work done by the artists was truly incredible and the details in the sculpt of Bud's expression are truly realistic. Not least the entire painting sector that faithfully reported a replica as relevant as possible to the cinematographic counterpart.

Honorable mention also for the entire accessories sector which, although few, are really excellently finished. The Colt is the replica of a real historical model, the Navy Revolver pistol of 1851, it can be opened and allows you to rotate the drum and move the trigger, all in metal. The sawed-off shotgun is also equipped with a double metal barrel and can be opened to simulate the insertion of the shells. All the additional hands have been inserted to allow Bud to hold arms or be as natural as possible in the poses adopted and each of them presents a detail that even defines the nails of the individual fingers.

Video review


The Bud Spencer action figure is available for purchase online through various channels. We strongly recommend the purchase to all fans and fans of Bambino and Lo Chiamavano Trinità. On the other hand, when you put together a team of industry champions it can only come out a winning product and so it was also for this joint venture between Infinite Statue and Kaustic Plastic that we hope to be able to see again soon working together as the duo composed by Bud Spencer and Terence Hill. But now let's address a message directly to the two companies, don't make us suffer too much and give us the figure of the Trinity as soon as possible, we can't wait to see the two masterpieces together!

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