The dark side of the gamepad: finally being really bad

The dark side of the gamepad: finally being really bad
While Blazkowicz is heating up evil diesel punk Nazis and DetSec is defying a totalitarian regime, Desmond overcomes a number of obstacles to protect human freedom from the Templars. The one-dimensional evil opponents of these stories leave no doubt as to who the shining hero is and how he usually has to behave: cooperative towards his friends and patronizing towards uninvolved passers-by.

But what about the other side ? After all, we want to play really nasty guys. And before anyone says it, of course we have the chance to play the not-so-nice guy in a thousand and one RPGs and Knights of the Old Republic, Fable, Red Dead Redemption and Undertale haven't just passed us by. But honestly, who plays the bad ass when he can also be the misunderstood antihero? Infamous Second Son, for example, only finished around a third of the players with bad karma and the cutscenes with an evil protagonist don't really make sense either. Fortunately for us and our sadistic streak, there are always games in which we can not only play the bad guy, but should: violence, micro-aggression and absolute freedom from empathy included.

Overlord 2 is already at the beginning we urged our henchmen, who were armed with clubs, to chase little baby seals. Not very nice. Source: PC Games The villains of yesteryear

When we talk about evil video game protagonists, of course we do not miss the opportunity to indulge in nostalgic, glorified memories, because over 20 years ago we knew what was good (or bad). With Dungeon Keeper 1 and 2, Bullfrog put the dusty fantasy genre in a new light by freeing the player from heroism and giving him the supervision of a dungeon full of monsters. In this strategic building game, we, noble heroes, screw up the tour and set trolls, spiders, skeletons and other monsters on them. It is true that we violate the Geneva Convention with all torture options, but of course we leave anyone who points this out to us to stew in dungeon until he realizes his mistake. In Evil Genius, similar to Dungeon Keeper, we build a base and man it with minions. The goal of the game is nothing less than total world domination. Source: PC Games

Employee management, on the other hand, is much more problematic: the majority of subjects are not that submissive and have a number of sensitivities that we have to address. Flies do not want to work with spiders because they do not feel safe, dormitories have to be provided by the employer and on top of that they expect a remuneration from us! If we do not comply with the union demands, there is a risk of mass dismissals and an overflow to the hostile faction. The colorful and stupid henchmen from Overlord are much more grateful.

These lackeys let themselves be willingly led to their death and plunder every romantic mountain village at our behest, but also waive any claims for damages and satisfaction of needs concerns.

In the alleged role model for "I - simply incorrigible" steer the overlord through a land that was supposed to belong to him, but was taken from his predecessor by seven heroes who are now also prone to tyranny. On his campaign of vengeance and recapture, the really evil overlord unfortunately repeatedly reveals his soft heart and we get the option to be nice. Gag. A little overzealously, Crypto 137 takes on the responsibility of killing as many people on earth as possible in a gruesome way. Source: PC Games

Those who let innocent people live even get their own ending, which is withheld from the real / evil Overlord player. We prefer to go for Overlord 2 because instead of choosing good or bad, we choose between domination and destruction. Depending on which vice we indulge in more, we will lay the country in ruins or enslave all its inhabitants - just as it should be as a top villain.

New evils

That a good one The title Evil Genius proves that the villain can cope with non-medieval settings. The name already gives it away: We are allowed to play a super-intelligent, super-wicked super villain who strives for nothing less than world domination with its own base, lackeys and nasty traps. As a strategic development game, Evil Genius uses some mechanics from Dungeon Keeper such as the basic building, the training of subjects and an extensive micromanagement. But there is still a big difference, because where in Dungeon Keeper you always have the task of eliminating a certain hero or competing dungeon keeper, the ultimate goal in Evil Genius is nothing less than total world domination. Depending on the weapon of mass destruction chosen, we see one of three endings in which the developers do not hold back in the case of rebellion, because in all end sequences at least one dog is involved - if that is not bad, then we don't know either.

We also find it unforgivable that we have to wait until now for the second part! At least it is now virtually certain that Evil Genius 2 will be released on Steam next year and only around 16 years after the sequel was first announced. With a hundred possible ways of suppressing the United Nations and usurping power, the title promises us the retribution we deserve for 2020.

Armed with tentacles and teeth, we avenge us in the most cruel way possible about humanity that it simply captures us just because we did not cooperate during the first contact.

Source: PC Games If you have never liked your fellow men, you already got your money's worth with Destroy All Humans this year. Actually on a secret mission to find his brother and collect human DNA, Alien Cryptosporidium 137 causes a mountain of "collateral damage". If you want to see how people burn to the bone in funny cartoon graphics and how skulls burst in green goo, you will get your money's worth here. The slaughter doesn't seem really intelligent, but even as the bad guy you like to lean back and turn your head off - or rather heads.

Newer, worse, stronger

Besides such remakes Fortunately, there are always new titles in which evil is celebrated and the monster under the bed is finally allowed to describe his view of things. Carrion plays with the premise that the thing from another world wants to go home again, but the nasty people locked it up. At least until we control the blood-spilling monster. Armed with tentacles, fangs and a lot of undefined tissue, we decimate a research facility full of whimpering people who turn out to be astonishingly stubborn, especially towards the end. Ultimately, our path to freedom is more and more creative and cruel: it doesn't matter whether we gently ram the razor-sharp tentacles into our victims' backs or knock them to a pulp with the furniture standing around. It is probably thanks to the pixel graphics of the 2D scroller that the splatter is likely to appear in Germany, even if the graphic representation is hardly less explicit because of that.

People who blow, light, stab and electroshock are just one small part of the repertoire of the party hard killer when it comes to defending his sleep. Source: PC Games Also in pixel guise and no less brutal, Party Hard and its sequel cast a spell over us for several hours. The repetitive gameplay and a number of failures fall under the concept of "easy to learn, hard to master". To stab any person at a party is by no means art, even mass murder without a plan and killer combo looks like amateurish finger paint smear. In contrast to all 80s serial killers, at Pinokl Games they know that a good killer kills efficiently and that an extensive background story only distracts. In addition, the motivation of our protagonist in its simplicity is absolutely understandable: kept awake by loud music, he moves out to party himself. With a knife. In your stomach.

For depth of the game, however, you should use other titles such as the RPG pearl Tyranny. As the henchmen of a true despot, we subjugate entire peoples, put down rebellions and make a number of malicious decisions. So we cremate an entire region on behalf of the godlike ruler Cyrus, simply because the siege is not progressing fast enough for him.

The extensive RPG constantly demands some decisions from us that have far-reaching influence on the game world . As the servants of an overpowering tyrant, we are not necessarily on the good side of power. Source: PC Games We are of course not very friendly ourselves, although we can show our mercy from time to time, but we never forget that we go into battle for an overpowering warmonger. Fittingly, our scope of action does not extend to classic good and bad, but to chaotic and dutiful - symbolized by the military factions of scarlet orders and the legion of the vilified. And as befits an RPG, for every decision we make, we get loyalty and fear from a number of factions and characters. We especially like how responsive the world is to us. Whole map sections can remain hidden from our virtual self due to certain life paths and may have to be explored in a new game play.

We want to watch the World Burn

But no game has ever encouraged us to do so To cause destruction and suffering like GTA Online. Although we are not the bad guy per se and measure ourselves against illustrious crooks like Ocean's Eleven with our work, we simply cannot help ourselves. Again and again we bomb Although we don't really have any bad motivation in this game, we step over corpses when it comes to shoveling money, or when we are simply bored. (1) Source: PC Games heavily armed the city, making other players' lives hell for no reason, taking the lives of a number of pedestrians as a wrong-way driver and opening up a round of manhunt for our friends. Without us benefiting from it, the game drives us to run amok again and again and then punishes us with a fat target on the chest in the form of a bounty.

Nevertheless, it just feels good to be the bad guy, to always provoke the greatest possible destruction in moral dilemmas and to roam through virtual worlds feared instead of loved. And if you're not convinced yet, just imagine that you're killing a chicken in Skyrim and the villagers are so afraid and respectful of you that they just ignored it. Or how about an Assassin's Creed in which you don't desynchronize because a civilian runs into you? "Use your aggressive feelings, boy. Let the hate flow through you." And keep us company on the dark side of the gamepad.

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