Telegram has been placing advertising in public channels from 2021

Telegram has been placing advertising in public channels from 2021

Founder Durov on the hunt for tools to keep the app running, which has almost reached 500 million users. Private or group chats remain free of announcements for now

Telegram (Illustration by Rafael Henrique / Sopa Images / LightRocket via Getty Images) Telegram is preparing to reach 500 million active users and its founder, Pavel Durov, explained that in order not to sell the platform, as the founders of WhatsApp did, he will have to start generating revenue from 2021.

On his channel Durov claimed to have funded the messaging platform from his own pocket in these seven years of activity but, having reached the threshold of half a billion users, the Russian developer also admitted that "a project of our size needs a few hundred million dollars a year to go forward".

Telegram will therefore introduce its own advertising platform for public channels defined by Durov as "an intuitive platform, which respects privacy and allows us to cover the costs of the server and affico ”.

Another way Telegram can make money is a shop dedicated to premium stickers. In this way, the artists who make the stickers will also be able to earn from their sale.

The founder of the platform has assured that all the functions currently free will remain so. Including even the most recent ones to communicate between groups that go beyond the simple voice message and which uses a mechanism very similar to that of Discord servers. For small groups, with a few thousand users, the platform allows you to open rooms where users can chat freely without the need to record and send voice messages. In these rooms you can keep the microphone open or use the push-to-talk system to interact with the other participants.

In addition to keeping all the functions free, Telegram also undertakes not to place advertisements in private or group chats, thus reserving them only for one-to-many channels.

" Telegram will start generating revenue, starting next year. We will do this in accordance with our values ​​and the commitments we have made over the past 7 years. Thanks to our current scale, we will be able to do this in a non-intrusive way. Most users will barely notice any changes ”concludes Durov.

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