SsangYong Korando, road tests with level 3 autonomous driving begin

SsangYong Korando, road tests with level 3 autonomous driving begin
SsangYong comes to level 3 autonomous driving. This was announced by the Korean car manufacturer, formalizing the start of tests with the consequent circulation of its vehicles on Korean roads as early as this month.

How many times have we heard about cars that drive themselves? Not surprisingly, it is one of the hottest topics in the field of research and development of the mobility of the future. In fact, many car manufacturers have been experimenting with their own new technologies for several years.

Level 3 autonomous driving

Self-driving cars are able to "explore" the environment surroundings thanks to the implementation of new tools such as radar and GPS, while at the same time advanced control systems interpret the information received, identifying appropriate routes and any obstacles. With level 3 technology, driving begins to become truly autonomous, even if the driver will continue to be responsible for the vehicle, and therefore obliged to intervene in the event of any driving problems or system malfunctions. In fact, this technology allows the car to have control - autonomously - for most of the time and in different driving situations, on the road and on the motorway.

Thanks to the technological advance of the car manufacturer Ssangyong, the Ministry of Territory, Infrastructure and Transport has authorized the first road test of the Korando self-driving SUV.

Inevitably, the imminent start of road tests confirms the goal set by the Korean company towards a production series of self-driving cars. Not surprisingly, SsangYong is carrying out a long research and development work on new technologies, and the start of tests can only represent the positive results resulting from the investments.

The Korando equipped with autonomous driving can change lanes, maintain position, distance and speed from the vehicle in front and circulate within a certain speed limit, using a high-precision HD road map, with information detailed, they explain to SsangYong.

A system that therefore guarantees perfect driving stability. However, the SUV will be able to examine the traffic conditions in the vicinity of the same vehicle; in this case, any risk detections present in blind spots will be signaled by means of a special notice, so that you can continue in total safety.

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