Samsung Smart Things, starting from the University

Samsung Smart Things, starting from the University
Samsung has announced the Samsung Smart Thing initiative (part of the larger Samsung Innovation Camp) to partner with universities who want to share methods, principles and resources. It starts from the University of Bari, it will continue with Salerno and Pisa, with the aim of "accompanying students of Italian public universities in a training course on innovation, to transform the future into the present and open new professional scenarios in the digital field ".

Samsung Smart Thing

Samsung engineers themselves will take the field to help students: AI and IoT areas will be at the center of attention, but also transversal soft skills considered fundamental with a view to digital transformation. The goal is to really train people able to make a difference in the world of work of tomorrow and it is for this reason that Samsung intends to start from the university context in carrying out this selection and in deploying its human resources engaged in this effort. br>
Samsung explains the aims pursued by the project:

The main objective of Samsung Smart Things will be to integrate university education through technology and digital innovation. Thanks to this initiative, the students of the University of Bari will be able to approach their professional future by learning new skills, particularly required by the current world of work. In fact, they will be able to deepen the application of Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence technologies in the Consumer Electronics market, learn about the Cloud and the importance of Big Data, increase their knowledge on Machine Learning and Deep Learning, and enhance the skills of conception, project management and problem solving.

Each Samsung Smart Things student will have the opportunity to create a winning mix between the concepts learned during their university studies and the skills acquired thanks to this project. The course includes 100 hours of online lessons, 65 hours of classroom lessons at the university and 80 hours of developing a team project work. The best 5 students, classified according to the score obtained in the project work and in the final test of the course, will receive financial recognition.

All students with STEM profiles enrolled in the three-year degree courses will have the opportunity to enroll in the admission test starting from Monday 7 December via this link. The course is free, but only the best 25 selected students are admitted. The best 5 students will finally receive a prize for a total gross amount of 1875 euros.

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