BEATHS: the clothing brand for the athletes of the future

BEATHS: the clothing brand for the athletes of the future
Beaths is the first brand in the world that was born and developed from within the esports industry to meet the needs of those who live the sector every day but not only.

Speaks the same language as gamers, knows how to listen to them and knows their needs, but at the same time addresses a wider audience: Beaths is proposed as the link between the phenomenon of esports and traditional sport with the aim of becoming a reference point for all fans of competitive gaming , be they professionals or simple fans.

Beaths represents in all respects an innovative concept that gives the world of digital entertainment its own identity even in terms of clothing. Beaths was born from the need to create specific clothing products for gamers, designed and designed by gamers for gamers. At present, no item of clothing is designed to directly meet the needs of those who live the esports world: Beaths is the first brand in the world to create technical clothing for pro gamers.

Subjects with needs different: Beaths aims, for example, to facilitate the movements of gamers, using technical fabrics specifically designed to improve gaming performance. Clothing aimed not exclusively at comfort but also designed to contribute to competitive performance during a training session or a tournament. Beaths offers products designed from scratch, taking care of the entire production chain from concept to final product, following the tradition of made in Italy.

But not only: Beaths was born mainly to answer the particular question of professional esports athletes but in reality it is also aimed at those who want to become one, to the millions of fans who follow esports every day and to those who simply they want to feel an integral part of this world when they play or meet with their friends, building and proposing a sense of belonging and identity to the world of esports with streetwear clothing that has fallen into the twenty-first century.

In this sense Beaths products are aimed at everyone with some specific drops designed and created with professional gamers in mind. In fact, Beaths is also an inclusive brand: it wants to involve gamers, fans and streamers using their platforms, Twitch above all, through a network of ambassadors close to the brand, describing their activities through landing pages dedicated to them.

Beaths enters this promising sector presenting itself as an innovative product that fully satisfies the needs of all those who are part of the esports world: from the professional player to the spectator, from the streamer to the wanna-be-pro.

A concept also underlined by Fabio Ferrotti, CEO and co-founder of Beaths: “We are giving an identity to the world of gaming and digital entertainment: a transversal sector that until now had not found a real representative. We want to communicate beliefs and values ​​by sharing them with all the enthusiasts and avid fans of the sector and beyond. Esports are a magnet for new generations and it is them that we at Beaths want to talk to. We want to present ourselves as a meeting point between traditional sport and esports. Like Jordan represents basketball, Hurley represents surfers, Tacchini tennis players and Nike represents sportsmen in general, Beaths represents all gamers, fans and digital entertainers. Gaming, sport and fashion: Beaths is the brand for athletes of today and tomorrow. "

The line of the first basic Beaths products is already available on the official website but there will be new releases in the coming weeks: we are already working on an evolution of existing products to present the next step, aimed at both casual and gamer-specific audiences.

In order not to miss any news, Beaths is present on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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