Netflix best war movies | December 2020

Netflix best war movies | December 2020
Battlefields, depths of the abyss and pitched battles: these are the winning ingredients for a perfect war film. The adherence to the story does not matter, the important thing is that the story told offers the audience a story that makes the war its narrative fulcrum. Within the schedules of streaming services, among the many proposals, even war movies, or war movies to put it in the American way, show their muscles, with exciting proposals, between new ideas and great classics. To choose which war to fall into, we decided to find out which are the best Netflix war movies

Netflix best war movies:

Hunt for Red October The Last Samurai We were soldiers Saving Private Ryan That Dirty Dozen American Sniper Dunkirk The Hurtlocker Glory If you want to try Netflix you can redeem your free month here

Hunt for Red October

Inspired by the novel The Great Red October Escape, John McTiernan's film is one of Netflix's war movies that you absolutely must see. When Soviet Navy veteran Marko Ramius (Sean Connery) steals Russia's most advanced submarine, the Red October and heads for America, a tug-of-war breaks out between the United States, intent on capturing the submarine, and the Soviet Union, ready to do anything to stop the traitor. As the States decide whether to destroy Red October or not, a CIA analyst, Jack Ryan (Alec Baldwin), has a theory: Ramius is deserting! From this belief, a submarine hunt in the Atlantic was born without equal.

Despite being released in 1990, Hunt for Red October is a film that still maintains its charm, largely due to the usual charisma of Sean Connery and the construction of a submarine combat sequence heart-pounding. From this first film, the cinematic cycle dedicated to one of the great characters created by Tom Clancy, Jack Ryan, played in subsequent films of the cycle by Harrison Ford, comes to life.

Netflix Original: no

The Last Samurai

Nathan Algren (Tom Cruise) is a former soldier of the seventh cavalry, plagued by the ghosts of the past. After living working as a traveling demonstrator for the Winchester, he is hired by the Japanese Empire as an army trainer to modernize the imperial armies. In the midst of a war that pits imperial troops against the armies of old nobles still tied to tradition, Algren is taken prisoner and taken to a remote village in the interior. Here he is confronted with another way of understanding combat and honor, discovering a lot about himself too.

Film supported by a wonderful soundtrack, The Last Samurai is a war film that puts on stage of spectacular battles and shows a contrast of mentality that marks the difficult transition from tradition to modernity, with all that it entails also from a social and moral point of view.

Original Netflix: no

We were soldiers

Inspired by the memories of Colonel Hal Moore We were soldiers once… and young, Randall Wallace's film chronicles the exploits of the Seventh Cavalry Regiment during the Vietnam War. Following the example set out by Kubrick with Full Metal Jacket, the training of the military and then their use in the war scenario is shown, with particular emphasis on one of the most disastrous fighting for American troops in Vietnam, the Battle of Ia Drang .

While taking some historical licenses for the purposes of the story, We were soldiers is a good war film that also tells with touching delicacy the role of wives at home, as they faced the difficult task of supporting the wives of soldiers fallen.

Netflix Original: no

Saving Private Ryan

1998 film directed by Steven Spielberg, Saving Ryan's Private is probably one of the best war movies ever made. In the days following the Normandy landings, a group of soldiers is sent to retrieve James Ryan, the only survivor of four brothers who took part in the offensive in Europe and lost beyond enemy lines. Entrusted to Captain Miller (Tom Hanks), this mission brings a handful of soldiers to move in a war-torn France still under the Nazi yoke.

The opening scenes reproducing the D-Day Landing in Omaha Beach are a very talented demonstration, with a detailed and gory reconstruction of an extremely bloody chapter of the Second World War. Spielberg managed to create an emotional story of determination and sacrifice, with some heartbreaking and epic scenes

Netflix Original: no

That Dirty Dozen

Historical film, dated 1967, set in the years of the Second World War. A few days before the Normandy landings, the allied command decides to attack a castle in France where they have found refuge for the Nazi hierarchs. To accomplish this high-risk mission, twelve convicts are recruited, who in exchange for their employment could obtain pardon.

A cast of big names (Lee Marvel, Donald Sutherland, George Kennedy, Charles Bronson and Telly Savalas ) capable of giving life to an immortal war film, capable of influencing later works such as Inglourious Basterds and The Mercenaries.

Netflix Original: no

American Sniper

Clint Eastwood directs a lavish Bradley Cooper in an atypical war film, focusing on the figure of American sniper Chris Kyle, whose biography is the basis of the script. Eastwood tells the war in a different way, showing scenes of heartbreaking emotion, in one of the first films that forces the American people to confront contemporary wars, such as Afghanistan and Iraq, reaching the box office record as the most profitable war film in history. of cinema.

Netflix Original: no


Christopher Nolan abandons science fiction and dedicates himself to telling one of the most intense chapters of the Second World War: the evacuation of thousands of British soldiers from the French beach of Dunkirk, under Nazi attacks. The Royal Navy's feat in May 1940 becomes one of the most evocative war films of recent years.

Netflix Original: no

The Hurtlocker

Kathryn Bigelow tells a story set in modern conflicts, setting her film in the Iraqi war theater, following the events of a bomb squad engaged in one of the most controversial wars in recent American history.

Original Netflix : no

The Hurtlocker

A war story set during the Civil War, starring a regiment made up of African American soldiers. An excellent cast of Matthew Broderick, Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman for an excellent war movie, with a vision of war and integration that is still incredibly relevant today.

Netflix Original: no

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