Justice League: Confirmed as part of the DC multiverse by Snyder

Justice League: Confirmed as part of the DC multiverse by Snyder
Fans have been wondering for years now why they can't find a way to reconcile the so-called DCEU (DC extended universe) with the totality of DC superhero productions. Seeing certain events in TV series such as Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl at the same time and then seeing some of the same characters in cinema films (not counting animated films), with new faces to interpret them and different events to involve them has understandably disoriented the audience.

Above all there would be no reason why these different versions and characters cannot be canonized as part of the same DC multiverse. However, it seems that Warner Bros. has begun to give up the conception of a single shared world in favor of the multiverse.

This approach would allow future cine comics films to reconcile different versions of the same characters. For example, there would be no problem seeing Ben Affleck as Batman in The Flash and later Robert Pattinson as the masked crusader in Matt Reeves' next film.

During a recent interview about his version of Justice League , Zack Snyder shared his take on why the DCEU could never be like the MCU, putting an interesting thought and vision on the subject:

“Well, frankly I love that they decided to embrace their personality… I think there has always been this kind of criticism and / or the in-between step. What is the intermediate step? I mean, are you trying to be like Marvel? Or are you trying to do things your way? What are you going to do? But now I think we have decided to follow this very specific trajectory in which, I think and hope, the principle is that first there is the director ... Which is basically what the multiverse allows, first the director and then come the characters who gather. "

Snyder himself also shared the confusion that existed between the various DC media at the time he worked on the films:

"When I was shooting Man of Steel, Batman v. Superman and Justice League there were DC animated films that had nothing to do with what we were doing, and there were DC TV shows that had nothing to do with what we were doing, and there was way to reconcile them without alienating a fandom by telling them "Your Flash doesn't matter" or "Your animated series means nothing." "

Finally Zack Snyder explained what in his view has happened and the differences from the Marvel approach:

" I think Marvel built [their universe] to a long period of time, so when they got to their next movies it all got stuck and headed in the same direction. But that could never be replicated [with DC] because DC TV and animation series were very popular. That was a success they had. And then there were [Christopher Nolan's] films that had another tone and another universe. So there was no way to manage those things in an "OK, we'll say that those things don't exist now, and instead there is this." And I think there has been this line of thinking for a while, but I am glad that we have opted for a very different [approach]. "

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