Gift ideas for coffee lovers

Gift ideas for coffee lovers
Coffee is a tradition that passes from generation to generation, accompanying the most important moments of a family and often turns out to be an opportunity to chat, be in company and experience small moments of serenity. With this article, however, we do not want to tell you the story of this drink, but to point out what are the gift ideas for coffee lovers.

In view of the Christmas holidays, in fact, giving something themed could turn out to be one of the best gifts you can give and if you think that there is nothing else besides coffee machines, you are wrong. Although the latter is potentially the most popular, especially for those who have never owned one, you should know that there are numerous accessories that could even give the recipient of the gift a greater exultation.

We admit it, draw up such a list was not easy, but after careful analysis and in-depth research, we believe that those chosen by us are suitable items for that purpose and if the one that meets your needs is not available, there is no reason to worry because in the next few days we will almost certainly update the list with new interesting products.

Gift ideas for coffee lovers

Coffee maker Set of coffee cups and saucers Cup with biscuit Espresso coffee maker Nib for decorations Coffee stencil Cup pendant Scented candle Wall sticker Coffee grinder

Coffee maker

Well, how could we not start our list with what is probably the most used tool by Italians to prepare coffee at home, namely the coffee maker. In this regard, we can only point out the Bialetti Moka Express, a symbol of Made in Italy all over the world with the unmistakable little man with a mustache. Made of aluminum with an ergonomic handle, the Bialetti coffee maker boasts a patented safety valve and is suitable for all hobs, except induction ones. With a lifespan of at least 10 years and minimal maintenance, for coffee lovers it is definitely the kind of gift to consider.

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Coffee cups and saucers set

One of the most eligible Christmas gifts for coffee lovers cannot be missing a pack of cups with their plates, useful in moments of family reunion. Made of porcelain, the set consisting of 6 cups and 6 saucers is decidedly elegant and suitable for any situation, with original and fun shapes, enriched with various assorted decorations that make the style even more unique. What can I say, drinking a good coffee with a quality service like that of Tognana means that you can enjoy a truly special moment and the price of this package is anything but high.

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Cup with biscuit

Among the most wonderful and practical gifts you can give to a coffee lover we believe that this cup can play a fundamental role. As you can see, this is not a simple cup, since it has a space designed to insert a biscuit, which makes it perfect during breakfast and with its particular design in the shape of a Panda, it will give you a virtual hug every time. that you will use it. Made with high quality ceramics, this mug is perfect for all your favorite drinks, both cold and hot, and once you try it you won't go back.

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Espresso coffee maker

In the list dedicated to the best gift ideas, an espresso coffee machine could certainly not be missing and for the occasion we decided to recommend a very original model that, we are sure, will gape anyone. As you have already seen from the preview above, the design is typical of a traditional coffee maker, but in reality it is a real espresso coffee machine, with a pressure of 20 bar, which means that it will be able to offer a aromatic and full-bodied coffee. Practical and easy to use, the Bialetti Mokona is compatible with Bialetti capsules, ground coffee and ESE pods, and thanks to the steam wand you can prepare a thick and creamy cappuccino like at the bar. Without a doubt, a gift idea to take into consideration.

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Nib for decorations

If you really love coffee, then you would also like to give it a decoration before enjoying it, right? In this regard, a decorative pen could certainly add a little joy to your breakfasts and make it even tastier. Battery operated, it is an accessory for creating creative messages and designs with all the natural ingredients found in foods, such as cinnamon, coffee, instant cocoa powder, paprika, ground parsley, ground sugar and more. Of course, a minimum of imagination is needed to obtain satisfactory results, but if you like to give a touch of personalization to your cappuccino, the purchase is certainly worth considering.

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Stencils for coffee

If manual skills are not your strong point but you still want to obtain an impactful cappuccino, the solution is to rely on coffee stencils, a tool that will allow you to obtain beautiful decorations worth sharing on social networks. Easy to use and suitable not only for coffee, this stencil is also ideal for children who want to try their hand or help you prepare cakes, hot chocolate or whatever else they want with their own hands. Made of stainless steel, the package includes 16 types of decorations.

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Cup pendant

You love coffee so much that would you like to take it with you for the whole day? If so, a heart-shaped coffee cup pendant could be the perfect solution, as well as making a great Christmas gift. Made of 925 sterling silver, this beautiful pendant can be worn for a long time without risk to health and will spread love just like the aroma of coffee spreading in the air. Compatible with various European bracelets and necklaces, this refined women's jewel will give you a truly original and unique look.

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Scented candle

Raise your hand if you don't like the smell that comes out of the coffee pot after the coffee is ready for be tasted. If you are among those who prefer to give your environment that typical coffee fragrance even after hours, we suggest you consider a scented candle such as the Woodwick Cafe Sweets Trilogy which, with its medium-sized jar, will offer you a fine fragrance. to 60 hours. Unlike other similar candles, this one does not emit smoke or odors when it goes out, having a wooden wick. Without a doubt, this is also a gift that could prove interesting.

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Wall sticker

If you want to make your home more lively, buying a sticker is certainly one of the most eligible operations, especially if you usually prepare and drink coffee in a specific place in the house. In this regard, placing a themed sticker on the wall will make the environment more special, without the risk of being unsuitable, since decorations like Venkaite's fit perfectly into any environment. Waterproof and durable, this sticker can be applied to all sufficiently dry, smooth and clean surfaces, and gives a very realistic and vivid effect.

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Coffee grinder

Having a coffee grinder is advantageous from the point of view of the aroma of the coffee which, ground immediately before preparation, it will certainly be more intense than that prepared with already ground powder. The KYG model is one of the best sellers ever and allows you to obtain a perfect grinding, as well as an operation that winks at safety, which allows you to keep the machine running only if the lid is correctly inserted. Featuring a modern design, this coffee grinder includes a stainless steel container and blades and you can adjust the degree of grinding according to your preferences. Plus, it can also be used to chop other foods, making it a highly recommended Christmas gift.

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