NVIDIA RTX 30 and AMD RX 6800 aren't the only cards that can't be found

NVIDIA RTX 30 and AMD RX 6800 aren't the only cards that can't be found
The demand for the latest video cards made by NVIDIA and AMD is so high that manufacturers fail to meet the demands of their customers. Apparently, this is not a problem that affects only the more mainstream market and also data centers, and scientists in general, are clamoring for the A100 cards but, according to a vice president of the company, it will still take several months to arrive. to a stable situation.

The NVIDIA A100 is practically a universal GPU that supports a host of new instructions and formats for various workloads. The GPU is manufactured by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) using its 7nm manufacturing nodes, one of the most popular technologies currently being used to make dozens of mass market chips, including Xbox Series X SoCs. Microsoft and Sony's PlayStation 5.

Also, the A100 is among the largest chips currently being produced by TSMC, and it is generally quite difficult to achieve large returns with such massive dies. In addition to the GPU, the A100 cards are also equipped with 40GB of lightning-fast HBM2 memory.

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The flexibility of the A100 allows it to be used in a wide variety of applications, including AI / ML inference and training, as well as all types of high performance computing (HPC). The A100 also offers significantly higher performance than the previous Tesla V100. The A100 is 25% faster in FP32 / FP64 processing, up to four times faster in Big Data analysis and up to 20 times faster in some borderline cases where its architecture can really take off. Given its capabilities, it is certainly not surprising that the demand is so high.

Interestingly, NVIDIA is indeed expanding the potential market for its A100-based solutions. The company recently introduced its 80GB SXM2 A100 GPU which doubles the local storage capacity. The monstrous GPU can be used to process workloads with huge data sets, or it can be partitioned up to seven GPU instances, each with around ten GB of memory. The company expects its partners to begin shipments of their 80GB A100-based solutions during the first half of 2021.

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