Disney Plus: Five reasons to subscribe in December

Disney Plus: Five reasons to subscribe in December
Signing up for a Disney Plus subscription is very simple, just a few clicks and you're done, you will have at your disposal a very rich catalog suitable for the whole family. Do you still have some doubts, or are you not familiar with the offer proposed by Disney Plus? In this regard, we can come to your aid by giving you five valid reasons to subscribe in the month of December given the current richness of the catalog and the arrival of the holiday period during which it will be convenient to enjoy all the contents you have not seen to date.

We remind you that the monthly cost of the subscription amounts to 6.99 euros, while the annual cost is 69.99 euros, this last option allows you to have sixty days of service for free.

Marvel, Star Wars, Disney Classics, Super Heroes, Cartoon,… all available on DISNEY + in a catalog that can be used comfortably with the whole family thanks to the annual (with 2 months free) or monthly subscription.

In December, just in view of the Christmas holidays, Disney Plus offers all subscribers some truly high-level exclusive content, such as the live action taken from the classic Disney Mulan. But, the reasons for subscribing - even if only monthly - in December are so many; in particular, we have identified five contents that in our opinion, if you are not yet a subscriber, are worth the cost of the subscription for the month of December.

Mulan and The Mandalorian: Disney exclusives

Mulan and The Mandalorian are just two of the many available exclusives that Disney Plus can boast of having in the catalog. Mulan is the live action remake of the 1998 Disney classic. The film, which stars Liu Yifei in the role of the stubborn warrior Mulan, traces quite faithfully the plot of the original that inspired it, after all like all the Disney and tells an emblematic and universal story.

Inspired and courageous, the live action Mulan is already available on the Disney Plus catalog, after a period in which it was only possible to see it after online rental. The troubled history of the distribution of the film has, in fact, prompted Disney not to distribute it in cinemas around the world, precisely because of the COVID-19 pandemic and to make it available for online rental on the streaming platform starting from September 3rd. last. But today you can enjoy the show of the Mulan film included in the Disney Plus subscription.

Another unmissable product is The Mandalorian. All fans of the Star Wars saga already know the product that has given millions of fans an exciting story full of twists. We will dare to say that The Mandalorian is one of the best products on the rich Disney Plus catalog, because it tells a universal story, a story of friendship and redemption that teaches to always take care of others.

On the online streaming platform of the brand Disney are present the two seasons made so far and we are sure that you can not help but spend the holidays in the company of the Mandalorian and the Child (Baby Yoda) with healthy binge watching.

Marvel, Star Wars , Disney Classics, Super Heroes, Cartoon, ... all available on DISNEY + in a catalog that can be used comfortably with the whole family thanks to the annual (with 2 months free) or monthly subscription.

The whole Star Wars saga

We have already mentioned The Mandalorian, but the new Disney TV series is not the only Star Wars product in the catalog, quite the contrary. Disney Plus offers all subscribers the complete Star Wars saga. This is a real godsend for all fans of the saga but also for those who have always had the desire to approach the Star Wars universe but have not yet had the opportunity to do so.

In addition to all nine films that make up the film saga that began in 1977 with the film A New Hope, and ended in 2019 with The Rise of Skywalker, there are many other contents, one above all The Clone Wars, the animated series (plus the film) consisting of seven seasons all available on Disney Plus. After this animated series, Disney has already announced that, starting in 2021, another animated TV show will appear in the catalog of its online streaming platform, Star Wars: The Bad Batch , closely linked to the events of The Clone Wars.

Cite these which are the essential visions for all those who want to deepen the Star Wars saga, there are also many documentaries dedicated to the creat or by George Lucas. Above all we cannot fail to mention Disney Gallery, the TV series dedicated to the making of The Mandalorian. Also worth mentioning is The Empire of Dreams: The Story of the Star Wars Trilogy, a 2004 documentary that tells the genesis of the original trilogy and how George Lucas fought to create the work that best represents pop culture. contemporary.

Marvel, Star Wars, Disney Classics, Super Heroes, Cartoon,… all available on DISNEY + in a catalog that can be used comfortably with the whole family thanks to the annual (with 2 months free) or monthly subscription.

Classic Christmas films for the whole family

Almost all Disney films, both animated and live action, for their settings full of magic, poetry and great universal values, they almost always remind us of the Christmas atmosphere. But, in the Disney Plus catalog you will find an entire section dedicated to holiday films. In short, a great advent calendar that you can browse and unpack as many times as you want, without fearing that the "chocolates" will run out.

On this first Christmas, a bit difficult for families all over the world , Disney Plus has decided to tell the magic of the holidays in a delicate and nice way, also to snatch an extra smile from subscribers. In this regard, we remind you of a truly unmissable film entitled Fairy Godmother Wanted, available in the catalog starting from December. The film will allow you to relive the magic of Christmas thanks to the adventures of the fairy godmother Eleonor and her protégé Mackenzie, a fun comedy for the whole family.

In addition, the unmissable Christmas episodes are available on the Disney Plus catalog heroes of all time, Goofy, Minnie, Daisy, Donald, Mickey and Pluto, such as Mickey and The Magic of Christmas and Mickey's Christmas Tree. Taking a step back in time you will find the great classic Father Christmas of 1932, together with the unmissable Miracle in 34th Street (both the original and the remake of the 90s), Mamma ho Lost The Plane, Paw and the Magic of Christmas, the great classic The Nightmare Before Christmas and many other great Disney Christmas classics.

Live Action: the new frontier of Disney entertainment

The Disney Plus catalog also exclusively offers, for all subscribers, live action (here you can find the list of all the films) taken from the famous Disney animated films. The titles that have been made over the years are really many, to mention some great live action classics available on the online streaming platform we include Mowgli: The Book of the Jungle (1994), Beauty and the Beast (2017), Alice in Wonderland (2010) ), Dumbo, Aladdin and The Lion King (all three from 2019) and, of course, Mulan (2020) which we have already mentioned.

Mena Massoud as the street rat with a heart of gold, Aladdin, and Will Smith as the larger-than-life Genie in Disney ... s ALADDIN, directed by Guy Ritchie. Another great experiment, one of the first to be made available in the Disney Plus catalog, is Lilli and Vagabondo, a very successful experiment that allows you to relive the magic of one of the most loved animated films ever and gives prestige to the whole sector. Disney technician who was able to make a visually flawless film.

In addition to the titles already available in the catalog, Disney has announced other unmissable live action that will really make you dream, such as Cruella inspired by the famous Cruella Demon who will star beautiful and talented Emma Stone, perfect in the role of the super villain of the movie 101 Dalmatians. This film will present us the character of Cruella in a very different way than how we have known her in the classic animated films, it will show us the more human character of the antagonist, her youthful ambitions and all the background that led her to become the villain we know.

Another highly anticipated title is Peter Pan and Wendy, also released in 2021 as Cruella, which promises to be a slight variation on the theme of the famous story told by the British writer Berrie, which perhaps will give greater prominence to the female protagonist Wendy. Another much talked about title, which will see its live action soon, is Lilo & Stitch based on the famous animated film of 2002.

Disney through the centuries: from the 1920s to today, a century animation

On Disney Plus, you can also find all the great classic Disney animated shorts starring the most famous characters created by Walt. The commendable initiative of the online streaming platform has been to collect all the adventures of Mickey and his friends in collections for decades, from the 1920s to the present day. We remind you that all the shorts and vintage films in the catalog have been restored and digitized for a wonderful color rendering in high definition.

But that's not all, because you can also find all the Silly Simphonies, animated shorts and wonderfully set to music and sung by the greatest artists of all time. Just to name one, we remember the presence in the catalog of La Dea della Primavera of 1934, a short film that explains the birth of spring in a poetic and moving way. Unmissable is the first short film of 1928, Steamboat Willie, a work that is necessary to look at after almost a century, to better understand the evolution of the art of Disney animation.

Marvel, Star Wars, Classics Disney, Super Heroes, Cartoon, ... all available on DISNEY + in a catalog that can be used comfortably with the whole family thanks to the annual (with 2 months free) or monthly subscription.

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