Cyberpunk 2077 is the most anticipated game of December, without a doubt

Cyberpunk 2077 is the most anticipated game of December, without a doubt
There are some historical moments in which it becomes almost useless to set up a survey to know which is the most anticipated game of the month, and December 2020 is one of these rare situations. The absolute winner is in fact Cyberpunk 2077, with a truly embarrassing margin, so much so as to eliminate any discussion about it. This is the result of a mechanism that in a certain sense feeds itself: a game of this caliber is placed on the market with evident caution and in fact creates a vacuum around itself. In fact, all competitors prefer not to release their games in the vicinity of the title, which increases the distinction of the latter due to the actual lack of alternatives. Now, with Cyberpunk 2077 the matter has been even more complicated than expected, given the numerous delays that the CD Projekt RED game has encountered, which however has only further magnified the hype for the new RPG.

In any case, as soon as an exit period was clearly defined, the void immediately began to create around the "black hole" represented by Cyberpunk 2077, transforming December 2020 into a sort of catwalk for the colossal RPG of the authors of The Witcher. Some timid attempts have been made to propose something else in the course of this month, but in general there is the will to leave space in order not to be cannibalized: the case of Immortals: Fenyx Rising could be emblematic of an interesting game launched against a train in the running, but we hope things go well for the particular Ubisoft title anyway. For the rest, we note above all the absence of titles able to exploit the next gen platforms, considering that the same Cyberpunk 2077 will still arrive in the current gen version with an upgrade expected only in 2021.

The most awaited by the editorial staff

Practically a plebiscite was the internal vote of the editorial staff, with Cyberpunk 2077 considered the most anticipated game of the month of December 2020 by everyone, at least as the first position. The system of preferences adopted still allows you to build a ranking, given that it is based on the expression of a personal mini-ranking made up of three titles, the first of which obviously gets more points than the others. Only for this reason, in practice, we are able to build a sort of podium on the most anticipated games (and also, albeit with many difficulties, to write something about it), because otherwise it would have been a simple univocal result. So there is no doubt that the most awaited game for the editors of is Cyberpunk 2077, but this does not exclude the presence of other titles in the expectations of the editors, although they have a much more marginal place.

There is very little to discuss about the reasons for this choice: CD Projekt RED's new RPG has all the credentials to be a game of epochal significance, combining a subject of tremendous interest in a huge production, with the responsible team already showing great skill with The Witcher series. What we have seen so far has turned out to be very convincing, so at this point we can't wait to evaluate what the developers have managed to compose. For the rest, in second position we find Immortals: Fenyx Rising, a title that we said could be the greatest victim of the direct confrontation with the CD Projekt RED game, to the detriment of its undoubted qualities, while in third position there is Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond, a very interesting game but whose popularity at the moment is still limited by a not so widespread diffusion of virtual reality.

The most awaited by readers

The possibility of expressing a single preference in the poll released to readers returned an even clearer result than the editorial staff: Cyberpunk 2077 is also in this case the most anticipated game of the month of December 2020, with a truly Bulgarian percentage , as they say. 78% of the votes went to CD Projekt RED's RPG, a preference rate we have rarely seen in past polls and which virtually annihilates competition, crushed to minimal percentages. There is no doubt that also in this case the game of postponements, announcements and further postponements has increased even more the expectation on the game in question, but this is one of those cases in which great hopes are placed in a rather convinced way. The title starts from excellent foundations and it certainly cannot be said that its preventive success is based only on a poorly reasoned hype, given the premises.

To find the runner-up has to go down a lot, with Immortals: Fenyx Rising that won less than a tenth of the votes for Cyberpunk 2077, just to give an idea of ​​the differences in expectations between the latter and all the other December games. As we have seen in the review, the Ubisoft game has some very interesting features and a stimulating setting, so a try is highly recommended. For the rest there are only a few crumbs scattered on the remaining titles, which are slightly detached from the bottom: Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond manages to get a 2% preference, as well as the generic "Other", while only 1% went to Empire of Sin, Worms Rumble and Twin Mirror respectively, demonstrating how December is a monothematic month.

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