Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the Nintendo phenomenon that changed 2020 (virtual)

Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the Nintendo phenomenon that changed 2020 (virtual)
2020 is now running towards its conclusion and there are those who still hold tightly in their hands their copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which we reviewed with great enthusiasm. Keeping in mind all the events outside the world of video games, in fact, we are also sure that many of you readers will be exclaiming: "Thank goodness this year is ending!" In the remaining weeks, as we do every year, we will take advantage of the situation, remembering with you all the most important titles that have been published in the last twelve months. The productions that, now for one reason now for another, have made themselves noticed. And how could we have overlooked Nintendo's adorable pets?

Island Life

If asked to summarize Animal Crossing: New Horizons in just three words, the perfect choice would obviously be island life . The new chapter of the franchise (well, not so much "new" by now) has been waiting for something like seven years, but if you've spent enough time with him in the last few months you should also know that it was worth it. And how, if it was worth it.

Via the big city, also the city, finally the village. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is set on a desert island, which the player (impersonating the usual Crosser) can explore far and wide, and then colonize it. The first hours are spent in the company of a tent and many fruit trees, as well as submerged by weeds, with the only presence of a couple of inhabitants. Then slowly things change: other pets begin to arrive, Tom Nook opens various shops, and so on.

Clearly the island will always remain an island, so don't expect the urbanization present in previous episodes such as New Leaf and Let's Go To The City. But this is precisely the soul of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which absolutely does not lack any fundamental element. And then, if you want, it is not necessary to stay forever on your own atoll: you can also visit other islands, thanks to Dodo Airlines!

Crafting renews the series

Crafting by Animal Crossing: New Horizons has revamped the entire series: these are game mechanics that had already been sketched in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp for mobile devices. Animal Crossing: New Horizons showed the perfect completion, as well as the upgrade to a whole other level.

What are we talking about? Quickly said: the vast majority of objects in New Horizons must be "crafted", that is, made by the player himself, using all the resources on the island. It can be twigs fallen from trees, wood to be cut (in various shapes and colors), stones, but also inner tubes and cans, real rubbish found from time to time while fishing. The projects to follow, on the other hand, can be purchased, obtained in exchange or as a gift from friends, or by visiting the other islands scattered in the ocean.

There are also very rare gold items, to make which you will need equally rare resources. How long will it take you to extract a piece of gold from any rock? Good luck.

Other islands and sea voyages

If only one island fits you tight, no one ever said that you couldn't visit others as well. Thanks to Dodo Airlines, as we have mentioned, it is possible to take flight (by sea) and also reach other places, all of which are small in size. The advantages for such an operation are many.

To begin with, traveling is essential to find new inhabitants: otherwise you will have to settle for those randomly assigned by artificial intelligence. Each island, on the other hand, will host a single inhabitant, and you will be able to dialogue with whatever you want to convince him to move.

This is one of the possibilities; but usually players run to other islands to brutally plunder them, picking up everything that moves (and stands still) on the screen. In fact, it must be said that there are also all special islands, such as the island of tarantulas or scorpions (where the spawn of these precious and profitable insects has increased) or that of coins. What about the island of hybrids, where the only flowers present are, in fact, very rare crosses, normally very difficult to obtain?

Incredible support and updates

From March 2020 it has passed of water under the bridges: it is finally possible to evaluate the post launch support of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Support that was simply incredible - what could possibly be objected to? Roughly every two months, Nintendo has released a substantial update for the title on the Nintendo Switch, adding content upon content. Some of which have been revised compared to the previous chapters of the series.

Volpolo with his boat loaded with works of art (often fake), marine animals to add to a new section of the museum, swimming complete with dives and scuba diving, seasonal events dedicated to the King of the Pumpkins, Thanksgiving and Easter, soon the Christmas and Jingle event: so on and so forth. And Nintendo will be integrating some more, as we know a new update is expected just in time for Carnival 2021.

Are you continuing to play Animal Crossing: New Horizons? How many hours have you arrived now? Or did you abandon it after a short time?

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