Oracle TechX, three webinars to optimize data management

Oracle TechX, three webinars to optimize data management
New important opportunity for all those who are looking for the answer to the needs of their companies in Oracle: in fact, the third cluster of the Oracle TechX series, a series of events that allow professionals of various backgrounds to get in touch directed with the best Oracle technologies, with their experts and with the best practices to be able to overcome the pre-eminent problems in agility.

The new series of events includes three webinars, two of which are still available to all which ones want to tap into this opportunity. The project is illustrated by Andrea Ugatti, Master Principal Technology Architect for Oracle Italia:

The particular historical period we are experiencing has brought to companies a very strong attention to aspects such as security, patching and database optimization . Experience tells us that these were already well-established mantras in the past, but in this precise context, attention to costs, safety sensitivity and updating strategies become elements on which professionals focus more assiduously.

Andrea Ugatti, Master Principal Technology Architect for Oracle Italy

Security, patching, optimization: all elements to which the new “Oracle TechX” cycle intends to provide fundamental elements for reflection and training.

TechX, cluster 3

The first webinar saw the participants discussing the subject of data security, logs, encryption systems and segregation of roles. These are crucial aspects, whose care does not require application changes or performance impacts: what is needed is a sufficient culture of data security, rather, which requires an approach of maximum attention already in the design phase, drawing on that "maximum security architecture ”which contains the best of Oracle technology for encryption, protection, access control and masking (static and dynamic) of information. Another fundamental aspect addressed is the set of strategies and technologies that allow access to information continuously even in the face of planned or unplanned events that may occur on the systems ("maximum availability architecture").

Release strategy and best practices for patching

The second webinar (1/12/2020) will deal with the fundamental action of database patching. The goal is to provide maximum information regarding the new patch release rhythms and the exact understanding of both the nomenclature and the update strategy (useful for guaranteeing both maximum security and maximum performance over time, through continuous updating and constant). This aspect is fundamental since it is necessary to ensure that the figures involved with the patches can test everything in the test environment and that they can have maximum guarantees in terms of performance. The meeting is therefore aimed primarily at Database administrators or architects, in any case to all those who are interested in this central phase for the security and continuous upgrade of data management systems.

The webinar sees the participation of Andrea Ugatti, Master Principal Technology Architect, Luca Caimi, Principal Technology Architect and Davide Burdese, Master Principal Technology Architect.

Consolidation of Oracle databases - Technologies and recommended paths

The third webinar (15/12/2020) will be the one that concludes this last appointment of the year with TechX. In this case, the topic addressed is that of consolidation and optimization in data management, a fundamental aspect since it is directly related to an issue of reducing operating costs. The goal is to help understand how standardization is a central aspect (especially to reduce the margins of error) and that to this end there is the possibility of creating a real catalog of applicable standard services. The subject of the third webinar is also the multitenant architectures, where the management of multiple "pluggable" databases takes place through a "container" database that allows the best possible optimization. Finally, among the topics covered, also Oracle Exadata, a central aspect for obtaining the maximum in terms of consolidation density from your Oracle database.

The appointment sees the participation of Principal Technology Architects Federico Bernardini, Francesco Orlando and Alessandro Bracchini.

How to participate

To take part in the free webinars of this third “Oracle TechX” cycle, simply register on the appropriate page, where times, duration and all are also available. useful details.

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