Christmas gifts for dad

Christmas gifts for dad
UPDATE 19/12/2020: we have enriched the list with new gift ideas.

The father, together with the mother, is the most important person in our life and even if during the course of the year we happen to have discussions heavy or disagreeing with a decision, in the end we always tend to give little importance to what happened, whatever it is. In times when we need to apologize and words are not our forte, a gift could be the best solution and what is the best time to make a nice surprise if not in view of Christmas?

Read also : The best smartphone accessories to give at Christmas Obviously, dad deserves to receive a gift regardless of what your relationship with him is and choosing the right gift is not easy, and that's why we decided to come against you by creating a list products that, we are sure, will be able to help you clarify your ideas about which article to aim for and perhaps discover the existence of a specific product that fits perfectly to your father's tastes.

Creating the list we are focused on choosing a series of products capable of being not only excellent for showing our affection, but also useful for everyday use. Having said that, we are sure that you can't wait to find out what we have thought for you, or rather, for your beloved daddy, reminding you that all the products listed below can be purchased on Amazon, so with fast delivery and with a safety and unparalleled assistance.

Christmas gifts for dad

Smartphone Smartphone for seniors Wallet Razor Lens cup Customizable kitchen cutting board Bathrobe Amazon Alexa Targa Clock


Even if considered superfluous, give the your dad a new smartphone could be a wise idea that could open up a new world for him, especially if his current model is anything but a smart device. Of course, in the initial stages it may be necessary to teach him how to move within the operating system and how to perform the main operations, but after a few days of practice we are sure that your beloved parent will benefit from all the features offered by the latter and, who knows , maybe find out one day that he signed up on a social network. But which smartphone to give? We thought that in this case the autonomy and the display are the main factors to take into consideration, which is why we suggest giving the Samsung Galaxy M31 which, with its 6,000 mAh battery, will certainly be able to offer many hours of use before. that the latter runs out. Furthermore, the 6.4-inch display with AMOLED technology will certainly amaze your father, especially if he has never had the opportunity to see for himself how far the technology has come.

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Smartphone for the elderly

If you have a parent already over the years and not very used to technology, focusing on a model for the elderly like the Amico Brondi could be the only solution. It is worth underlining that although we are talking about a model for the elderly, these devices still allow you to carry out various smart operations, including WhatsApp and Skype, even if the features are much more limited than a real smartphone. Equipped with a charging base, the Amico Brondi is designed to meet the needs of those who cannot keep up with technology, presenting gigantic icons and large buttons. The display, on the other hand, remains touchscreen but the various menus are reduced to the essentials. However, there is a dual camera, useful for making video calls and, why not, take some pictures. If your goal is, therefore, to communicate with your father via WhatsApp, giving this model as a gift can only be one of the best solutions.

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Among the gift ideas for the father, the wallet deserves to be taken into consideration and among the many we believe that this can do for you, since it allows you to insert 12 cards and 20 banknotes in a derisory space, thanks to the design presented by I-CLIP and constantly imitated. With a carbon fiber texture that gives it a sporty and elegant style, this wallet boasts an intelligent mechanism that makes it possible to make models with numerous compartments obsolete. Unique and flexible, it even has RFID protection which also makes it particularly safe to carry in your pocket.

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Another timeless classic, giving a high quality razor like the Braun Series 9 could turn out to be a wonderful gift, also to raise your hand if you don't need to constantly use this tool. If your goal is to give the top of the top, Braun's Series 9 model is undoubtedly the best proposal available on the market today for those who want to get a flawless shave from the very first stroke. Just think, Braun's solution can remove hair down to 0.05mm, but at the same time it can be gentle on the skin without leaving irritation. There is nothing to say except that giving this razor on Christmas day will surely make your father happy.

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Lens cup

If your dad is a photography enthusiast, this is definitely the perfect gift! Excluding cameras and camcorders, in fact, what is left to give to a photography lover if not a cup in the shape of a lens? Even equipped with a lid, also in the shape of a lens, it can be carried with you and allows you to store both hot and cold drinks. Realistic down to the smallest detail, you will feel like you are holding a real objective.

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Customizable kitchen cutting board

A Does your father like to cook? Then a cutting board engraved with his name can only be an impeccable gift. Made of quality wood and having dimensions of 17 x 14 cm, this product allows it to be customized before purchase, through the special feature available on Amazon. Without a doubt, an excellent gift idea for Christmas.

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Do you want your father to feel like a superhero? Then this official Deadpool bathrobe is for you. Made with super soft materials, it will improve your mood even if you are half asleep. Comfortable and with a typical shade of the well-known character, it has two pockets and is one size, so it adapts to all kinds of people.

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Amazon Alexa

Even if your dad doesn't like technology, giving him an Amazon Alexa device can only make him happy . As you know, artificial intelligence has made giant steps to the point of making even the most skeptical curious. Plus, using Alexa is child's play, as you only need to say a word to activate the internal microphone and ask whatever is on your mind. Fun is guaranteed, as Amazon's AI has the answer to almost all your questions. Without a doubt, an excellent gift to consider, even if you do not have compatible devices, such as smart lights or other, with which to further enhance the possibilities of Alexa.

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If you have no idea what to give to your beloved daddy and, if you think that the articles we have reported so far are not for you, then opting for an award plaque could turn out to be the best solution. In this regard, we suggest you take into consideration this model made of velvet, which will allow you to write your dad's name by hand in a special space, around which there is a message that will surely excite the one who will read it. Accompany this gift with best wishes and success will be assured.

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Which dad doesn't like watches? And what better occasion than this to give a new one? In the choice, we did not take into consideration smartwatches, since the latter may not satisfy the tastes of those who may have always worn a classic watch and have no intention of changing. For this purpose, the Hugo Boss model can only be one of the best to put under the tree, with its silver quadrant, stainless steel case and leather strap. Elegant and refined, it has a two-counter chronograph function and a quartz movement and is water resistant to 50 meters. Style and precision at the highest level!

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