Best ebook readers: the features to know

Best ebook readers: the features to know

From the ergonomic to the color ereader: 5 ebook readers for all tastes and budgets

photo: Pixabay Plus 50%: the digital book market grew so much last March when, in bookstores closed by decree, Italians have discovered the indiscreet charm of e-readers, which allow you to buy a digital book in a few clicks, anytime, anywhere. And that's just one of the advantages: ebook readers are also pocket-sized, capacious, suitable for voracious readers and help us free up some space in the library. Those of the latest generation, then, also offer us a reading experience similar to that of a paper book. Here are 5 that we liked in 2020 with their functions and features to know.

Kindle Oasis (235 euros)

At Amazon, the latest innovation in terms of e-books in reality dates back to 2019, when the Kindle Oasis was released, the waterproof e-reader with a large 7-inch screen and the ability to adjust the light tone according to the time of day. Compared to previous Kindles, the Oasis also gains in ergonomics: one of the side edges of the frame is wider so that it can be held with one hand. However, the main advantage remains the high definition of the screen: even if there are no images to look at, reading benefits from it. After all, it is since the first Kindle was released in 2007 that Amazon has been trying to win over new readers by offering them a reading experience that is as close to paper as possible. In this, the Oasis represents a further innovation (which partly justifies the price).

Pocketbook Touch HD 3 limited edition

Pocketbook Touch HD 3 Limited Edition (189 euros)

It has just been released and stands out for its color: pearly white, instead of standard black. It is also light (155 g), waterproof and also allows you to listen to music and audio books via bluetooth. The screen measures 6 inches in high definition. Like all latest generation readers, it has the ability to intelligently self-adjust light based on times and lighting conditions. In addition, the special edition comes with a blue protective case with sensor: when closed, the e-reader goes into sleep mode, without wasting energy.

Pocketbook color

PocketBook Color ( 200 euros)

A few months ago the Swiss company also launched its color e-reader, one of the very first to arrive on the European market. It is a traditional design e-reader with a 6-inch screen, equipped with a special RGB filter that allows you to view up to 4096 colors and shades. Of course, the yield is not that of a tablet, but the battery consumption is also much lower. The advantage is felt above all with covers and all the illustrations found inside the books and to which - let's face it - the gray scale almost never pays honor. Color, on the other hand, does.

Kobo Nia

Kobo Nia (100 euros)

The innovations in terms of design and readability of the Libra and Forma models have not prevented Rakuten Kobo from proposing a entry e-reader at a more affordable price. The Nia's screen measures 6 inches and has a good visual rendering, although high definition is absent. Even the ram memory is limited compared to the top models and this reflects a little on the reaction speed of the e-reader, which however perfectly fulfills its role as an ebook reader without too many pretensions, with a large storage space: 8 GB, which translates into thousands of digital books.

10th generation Kindle (80 euros)

Compared to the Kindles that preceded it, it has an additional front display lighting ( 6-inch), which is no small feat for those used to reading before falling asleep. There is no high definition and the tech features of the high-end models are missing, but e-ink technology still guarantees excellent readability. Design and dimensions then play in its favor: it measures 11 cm by 16 and fits perfectly into a jacket pocket.

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