From January 2021 Twitter resumes verifying accounts

From January 2021 Twitter resumes verifying accounts

The social network works on security: it will identify profiles managed by bots, introduce commemorative accounts and is working to limit unwanted images in messages

The verified account badge on Twitter is back (image: Gabriele Porro / Wired Italy) Twitter has several new features in the pipeline for 2021. The best known, and most awaited, is certainly the return of the possibility of obtaining the much sought-after blue check that verifies the authenticity of a profile. In addition to this, the social network is developing labels that will identify the accounts managed by bots and the commemorative ones belonging to deceased users. In addition, Twitter said it is working on a system that makes direct messages safer by blocking intimate photos received without consent.

News for profiles

News for profiles on Twitter That Twitter wanted to reopen its verification program has been known since November, when the social network made official the return of the badge with the blue check that certifies the reliability of a profile.

We're planning to relaunch verification in 2021, but first we want to hear from you.

Help us shape our approach to verification on Twitter by letting us know what you think. Take a look at our draft policy and submit your #VerificationFeedback here:

- Twitter Support (@TwitterSupport) November 24, 2020

Twitter account settings menu where to request profile verification (image: Twitter) Starting from January 20, 2021, users will be able to access their profile settings and request account verification. Initially, the social network will give priority to government accounts, those of companies, brands and non-profit organizations, journalists, VIPs, entertainment and sports personalities, activists and other influential individuals. At a later time, the verification will be open to all. From the same date, Twitter will start removing the badge from incomplete, inactive and repeatedly violating the rules of the platform.

Following Facebook's example, Twitter will activate the function that allows the heirs of a deceased to manage the his profile by turning it into an account in his memory. In addition to these two novelties, the social network has decided to notify its users when a useful profile is managed by a bot and not by a real user. Whether it's a commemorative account or a bot managed account, Twitter will add a label that will identify them as such

More security in direct messages

The idea of ​​creating a 'artificial intelligence capable of blocking images of genital organs sent without the consent of the recipient is of the programmer Kelsey Bressler, who in 2019 began developing on her own an algorithm that filters the contents of direct messages. Now Jane Manchun Wong, a noted reverse engineering expert, has discovered that Twitter is working on the same idea.

Twitter is working on muting DM Requests

muting DM Requests will place their future messages at the end of message request list

i guess the creeps aren't gonna be thrilled of this feature 😌

- Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) October 7, 2020 | network. The filter will block suspicious messages by relegating them to the bottom of the message requests section.

The spokesperson added that “to help people feel safe, we are testing some changes to direct messages, including the possibility to turn off the sound from message requests, as an alternative to blocking or reporting ".

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