Kindle Oasis: Yes, Black Friday has begun

Kindle Oasis: Yes, Black Friday has begun
There is a clue to show how Black Friday has actually begun. Beyond the Amazon announcements in this regard and the feeling of imminent lockdown that will inevitably put in difficulty even the transport of goods in perspective, today the price of the Kindle Oasis has fallen by 24% in a few hours, thus returning to the share reached only in occasion of Prime Day.

Kindle Oasis, the discount is already equal to 60 euros

Kindle Oasis is the top of the range of the Kindle family since it brings together all the best that Amazon has so far developed for its e-readers: lightweight body, form factor that facilitates reading with one hand, high-quality screen with adjustable brightness, readability in all lighting conditions, water resistance. In short, the Kindle Oasis lacks nothing. The official price of 249.99 euros drops today to 189.99 euros, with a net saving of 60 euros and free shipping (and the possibility, moreover, to purchase with a teacher's card).

Amazon has clearly changed its sales strategy: Black Friday 2020 will not be the usual event that leads users to thicken their requests within a few hours, because the risk is that of a progressive closure, with a parallel increase in purchases. online, which could lead to a paralysis of deliveries. This is why the group has anticipated the offers, trying to meet the interest of those who are already thinking about Christmas to avoid staying at the last without the possibility for purchases.

This choice, useful to anticipate any lockdowns that are quite predictable today, is giving birth to particularly interesting offers like today's: 189.99 euros for a Kindle Oasis is a minimum threshold that will hardly be retouched downwards before the 2021. And if everything is accompanied by an Unlimited subscription, which for 3 months offers millions of books at no cost, then the time in the lockdown is well busy.

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