Zyxel expands firewall solutions with new USG Flex

Zyxel expands firewall solutions with new USG Flex
Zyxel Networks has announced the launch of two new firewalls, USG Flex 100W and USG Flex 700 as well as the release of the ZLD 4.60 firmware, which promises key enhancements for security firewalls. Together they provide the strength and flexibility needed to protect against the most sophisticated cyber threats and maintain business continuity in this new reality.

According to a recent 2020 Threat Landscape report by ENISA, the perimeter of attack in security IT continues to expand as we move into a new phase of digital transformation. The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the pace of digitization, prompting many companies to transition towards a model of total smart working practically overnight, with the aim of not having work interruptions. This rapid change has been a source of stress, especially for SMEs, who want to ensure optimal network security levels and the best allocation of limited funds and resources.

USG Flex 100W is then an entry-level firewall with integrated Wi-Fi function, while USG Flex 700 is a high-end firewall, which can manage up to 800 concurrent accesses from devices. In addition to providing robust and scalable network security for SMBs, the USG Flex series also provides remote VPN access, Wi-Fi access point management, and comprehensive hotspot functions to meet business needs, all in one box.

Additionally, software enhancements introduced in ZLD 4.60 firmware provide SSL inspection throughput according to the company three to five times faster than the previous version. This means that users can achieve more powerful levels of performance with existing hardware, increasing encryption / decryption performance and improving certificate generation times. Enhancements to SSL inspection now also support the latest version of the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol for securing Internet connections between servers and their customers. The support of the TLS 1.3 protocol provides users with greater levels of security, performance and privacy to defend against increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.

In addition to the existing IP and URL reputation services, ZLD 4.60 also includes a DNS service reputation via McAfee. Available in the Zyxel ATP series, these three services combine to provide a complete and robust solution that prevents users from visiting known domains with malicious content and blocking access to specific sites. The analysis of reputation services can be easily managed within the Zyxel SecuReporter dashboard, to help network administrators keep track of unsafe domains, threats and types of queries.

«Now more than ever, companies are looking for effective systems to safeguard the future of their activities, while managing a smart working network environment to give stability to work in unpredictable times "said Nathan Yen, AVP of the Gateway Business division of Zyxel. “The two new USG Flex firewalls and the enhanced security features of the ZLD 4.60 firmware ensure this peace of mind. Regardless of the resources and budget available, companies, especially SMEs, have the ability to implement a solid, reliable and scalable gateway connectivity solution ".

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