Yakuza Like A Dragon: The guide to the professions of the characters

Yakuza Like A Dragon: The guide to the professions of the characters
Each of the characters that you can use during the adventure in Yakuza Like a Dragon may have one or more professions, which will allow them to develop unique and continuously interchangeable skills and characteristics.

Each job to which you can decide to submit the your characters, in fact, will give the latter special skills in combat, such as the ability to use a certain type of weapons, otherwise unusable by that specific character, or the ability to defend themselves or heal the wounds of their allies. Each profession will be characterized by a level, which you can increase through victories in battle with the relative character: if you manage to improve the level of a job you will get an additional bonus to the characteristics that this provides to the character, who will also get additional extra skills. In order to change the profession of your characters you will have to wait for Chapter 5 of the adventure, during which you can visit the Hello Work office for the first time, where you can change your job, in case you have all the necessary requirements.

Each member of the player's party will have a first job with which to start the adventure, but you yourself can decide to modify his profession to modify his characteristics and skills, adapting the fighting style of your group of characters according to your taste and your needs on the battlefield. Although the game provides you with total freedom in this sense, however, the advice remains to try to assign each character a profession that enhances their characteristics. For example, in the case of Ichiban Kasuga, the protagonist of the adventure, you should look for a profession that can further enhance his physical and fighter skills.

Also, keep in mind that your characters' combat ability is also strongly influenced by the level of their profession: for this reason try not to change the work of the protagonists too often, as otherwise you will risk not being never able to unlock the best skills, essential to be able to keep up with the most dangerous opponents, especially towards the final part of the game. The advice is therefore to keep a maximum of two active professions in addition to your main job, and dedicate yourself to maximizing the level of these; when choosing a new profession, look for one that best suits the characteristics and skills already developed of that character.

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