Xbox Series X, UK chain will open despite the lockdown so as not to miss the launch

Xbox Series X, UK chain will open despite the lockdown so as not to miss the launch
On November 10, 2020, the English chain GAME will open its stores for the launch of the Xbox Series X> and Series S, despite the lockdown. The launch of a new console is always an important moment for video game stores, especially in this historical moment in which the physical market is in severe crisis due to the emergence of the digital market. Losing it means giving up big revenues, creating a huge hole in the budget of the year.

However that may be GAME will not open its windows, so to speak, but will allow those who have booked Xbox Series X and Series S to withdraw its drives between 8 am and 2 pm. Reservations will go on until November 4th. The effects of the lockdown ordered by the British government will take effect from November 5th. Video game stores fall under non-vital activities, so they will remain closed to the public.

There is no information as to what will happen with the launch of the PS5 on November 19th. Something similar will likely happen, even if the date is further away from the start of the lockdown and the organization could be more complicated.

Who knows if the strong wave of COVID-19 that has hit Europe will somehow compromise the launch of the next generation consoles. Surely you will miss all the folklore of gamers crowded in the shops, large and small, to try out the new games.


Please come and pre-purchase your console from now until Wednesday evening.

You will then be able to collect your console on launch day between 8 am-2pm.

Xbox All Access customers will be contacted directly tomorrow with further instruction.

- GAME (@GAMEdigital) November 1, 2020


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