Watch Dogs Legion: Ubisoft title source code stolen

Watch Dogs Legion: Ubisoft title source code stolen
Watch Dogs Legion debuted last week, bringing a new Ubisoft title back to the market after Ghost Recon Breakpoint. The curious thing is how in recent days, a game with the theme of hacking as the third chapter, has been the protagonist of a violation of its source code. According to reports, the French company would not be the only one to have received this type of breach.

As reported by the ZDNet editors, last month a ransomware team known by the name of Egregor claimed to gaining access to Ubisoft and Crytek's internal networks and stealing various data from the two companies. As for the French company, the source code of the very recent Watch Dogs Legion was stolen; we are talking about a file of the size of 560 GB.

As mentioned earlier Ubisoft is not the only company that has been violated by the Egregor group, but Crytek has also suffered several violations. Not only have various resources and information been stolen on the development of the Arena of Fate and Warface titles, but also of the old social gaming network Gface. At the moment it is not clear how this group of hackers managed to enter the servers of the two companies.

A decidedly unfortunate situation, but according to IGN USA for now neither Ubisoft nor Crytek have officially declared what happened, showing for the moment what appears to be a lack of interest in the matter. What do you think of what happened recently to Ubisoft and Crytek? Do you think there will be repercussions for the two companies after the data stolen by the hackers? Tell us your opinion about it in the comments section.

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