PS5 overheats? A tweet goes viral, but it's deceptive

PS5 overheats? A tweet goes viral, but it's deceptive
One of the major concerns of console gamers is related to overheating and noise from gaming machines. As we've shown you in our Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 reviews, both products are extremely quiet and don't heat up in the same way as Xbox One and PS4. Will there be problems in the long run due to more demanding games? For now we can not answer and the "concern" remains: fans are therefore always looking for information about it. A tweet recently went around the web. What is it?

As you can see below, a user has shared a photograph of a TV connected to a PS5: on the screen it says “Your PS5 is too hot. Turn it off and wait for the temperature to drop. " . A very worrying writing, of course. Is it a fault? Is it a fake? No, none of this.

Very trivially, the photograph shared by the user does not show the entire scene. As you can see in the reply tweet, the PS5 in question is exhibited in an electronics store and is inserted inside a closed slot. The extremely small space inside which the PlayStation 5 is located prevents proper ventilation and heat dispersion: it is not strange that at a certain point (we do not know how much) the console no longer held up.


- PS5 💙 (@Xx_lawa_xX) November 5, 2020

Will there be problems in the long run? Are the solutions adopted by Sony PlayStation the best? Is the liquid metal cooling system the right choice? As already mentioned, for now it is not possible to answer: the D1, however, (unless consoles with manufacturing defects) you will hardly have problems. Just remember to give the console the right space and, after some time, to clean it of dust by opening the white outer shell (this procedure does not invalidate the warranty, don't worry).

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