PlayDate: postpone the launch of the hand cranked mini console

PlayDate: postpone the launch of the hand cranked mini console
It's been a year now since Panic presented to the world what is in effect the smallest and most curious console that has ever been seen. PlayDate immediately presented itself as a mysterious object, with an idea behind it that is to be defined as original and not much. With its size and the crank, the focal point of the entire gaming experience proposed by the gaming machine, it has quite intrigued a circle of players.

Although almost a year has passed since the last update on the little one too. console, with the latest update in October, the guys from Panic wanted to let us know about the continuation of the project and what will be the next steps for PlayDate. The most important news concerns the pre-orders dedicated to the hand-cranked mini console, which are postponed to the first months of 2021 after the team had tried to release the platform by this year.

Obviously this postponement is due to various problems that have occurred due to the Coronavirus, the common denominator of many other postponements within the videogame industry. Panic's goal now is to put PlayDate on the market by the end of 2021, so as to allow anyone who pre-orders the mini console to receive it next year. With the extra time available, the team will also propose several more games that will be included in the console's playroom.

We remind you that among the developers who are working on PlayDate, there is also Keita Takahashi, the father by Katamari Damacy. What do you think of the hand cranked mini console? Does it intrigue you to the point of aiming to reserve it to add it to your console collection? Let us know by leaving your comment in the comments section.

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